Stepping Stone School at Northcross / Domain

  • 8419 Bowling Green Dr
  • Austin, TX 78757
  • (512) 453-2951
  • Monday-Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  • 6 weeks through 5 years

Programs Offered

  • Infant - Early Childhood Developmental Nurturance Program (6 weeks – 18 months)
  • Toddler - Developmental Preschool Program (18 – 24 months)
  • Preschool - Developmental Preschool Program (2 to 3 years)
  • Pre-Kindergarten - Kindergarten Readiness Academy (3 – 4 years)
  • Advanced Pre-Kindergarten - Advanced Kindergarten Readiness Academy (4 – 5 years)

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Welcome to the Stepping Stone School located at 8419 Bowling Green in North Central Austin. Our campus is located at the corner of Shamrock, just off Burnet Road. We are also conveniently located between Burnet Road and North Lamar close to 183 and Mopac. Anderson Lane and the Northcross Shopping Center are close by and offer any and all services a young family may need. Our school is surrounded by large heritage Pecan trees that gently shade our playgrounds and provide lots of enjoyment for the children who love gathering the pecans.

A classroom dedicated to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) curriculum and activities is available to children three through five years old. This space also provides a place for family gatherings or for our enrichment programs such as Opus One and Soccer Shots. The main building houses the Pre-K children and the smaller building connected by a covered breezeway houses our infants and toddlers.

The campus is small and intimate and the parents who choose this school love getting to know the other families with children enrolled. It is a close knit community who warmly welcome new families and children. We educate and care for children between 6 weeks to 5 years old. We are proud to be NAC Accredited!

We proudly serve families in the following and many other communities:

Adirondack, Allandale, Balcones West, Brentwood, Cat Mountain, Cliff over Lake Austin, Colorado Crossing, Crestview, Highland Hills, Highland Park West, Hyde Park, Island at Mt Bonnell Shores, Lakewood Village, Mesa Forest, Mesa Oaks, Mesa Village, Mountain Ridge, Mt Bonnell Terrace, North Crossing, North Loop, North Shoal Creek, Northwest Hills, Northwest Oaks, Palladio Point, Point West of Westover Hills, Ridgetop, Rosedale, Shoal Creek, Skyview, The Courtyard, Treetops, Twin Mesa, Valleyside Place, Vista West, Watersedge, Westover Hills, Wooten

We are proud to be NAC Accredited!

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My daughter has been attending stepping stone since Jan 2017 when she was 12 weeks and I went back to work. Like all new parents I was nervous about her care during the day, but she has done great at stepping stone. I will say that there was some management and teacher turnover at the beginning of the summer and we weren't happy for a few weeks. However, once the new director Danielle started, things have definitely made a turn for the better. Danielle is always in a great mood and happy to address any of my concerns. Val in the infant room is amazing and my daughter loves her. The teachers are always approachable and happy to address any of my concerns and requests. My daughter has very sensitive skin and needs her diaper changed every hour, and they have been great at doing this and keeping her diaper rash away.

Danielle cooks fresh food for the kids everyday, and the menu is highly varied with things I wouldn't normally make at home. (variety of casseroles, fruits & veggies) I really like that my daughter is being exposed to a bigger variety of food here than I would normally cook.

I did visit other daycares and will say that this Stepping Stone is much more "real" and "down-to-earth" feeling. You kids will be well taken care of and loved, but they aren't coddled. The facility doesn't feel overly sterile and my daughter comes home messy sometimes. She has only been sick a few times, which was much better than I was expecting for a first year in daycare. I don't get pictures everyday, but when I come and pick her up she is always in a great mood. To me, I would rather the teachers be spending time with my child than spending all day taking pictures. We do get pictures sometimes though, and those always make my day! If you are looking for a daycare that feels pristine, this probably isn't for you. But if you are looking for somewhere that feels like a real family, this might be your place.

I would encourage you to come and visit and see if this is the right place for your family!

- Natalie F.

November 4th, 2017

I can't say enough great things about this school. My 2 year old son has been here for a year now and he loves it. The staff takes lots of pictures and sends them to you during the day, which is so nice. They have a curriculum and are constantly engaging the children in learning activities.

Very well rounded - they have a musician come in once a week and sing songs and let the children experiment with instruments, bilingual activities, art projects, sensory lab, etc. During the summer they have splash days where they let the kids play with water toys outside. They also have extracurricular activities for the older kids like swimming lessons and martial arts.

They do a great job of teaching self-help skills, how to share, and the importance of being kind to others. They will work with you to resolve any behavioral issues that may arise during development.

This is a very kind and loving place. They go out of their way to make families feel welcome. The director does an incredible job of organizing family events and appreciation days. She also lovingly cooks all of the delicious fresh meals in the kitchen for the children daily. Sometimes when you walk in the door you can smell the casseroles baking in the oven - amazing!

If you are trying to decide where to send your children, your search is over. Send them here.

- Katherine K.

January 4th, 2016

Both my children have attended Stepping Stone Northcross since they were newborns. We're very happy with the school and the current principal Tina. This daycare is run like a little school with a lot of activities, outdoor time, reading, etc. They really helped when it came to potty training my daughter, my son is about to start potty training and I know his teacher Mira will get him on track. I recommend this daycare.

- Nina J.

October 10th, 2018

Our daughter has been going to Stepping Stone Northcross for 5 months now and we are really happy. Her teachers are really great and you can tell how much they love the kids in all the pics and videos we get. Now that she moved up out of the infant room they have lots of activities like painting and going for wagon rides and even a music class once a week. She always looks so happy in all the pictures and has made lots of little friends at school. They are also very open to communication and feedback, so if we want to try something different with her eating schedule or if we ask them to do something specific they are very good about doing it and documenting it and letting us know how it went.

- Corrine R.

January 23rd, 2019

Both of my children have attended this school since they were infants. My husband and I chose it from the get-go because it felt warm, safe and family-oriented. Though there has been quite a bit of staff turnover over the years, I've been very happy with their attentiveness to my children and their interest in helping my kids learn, during the most critical stages of their life. My son had challenges with potty training and his teacher was very diligent in helping him through it. My daughter is lactose-intolerant, and her teacher and the principal are very accommodating. I also love the fact that they have different activities for the kids to do during different times of year - for example, my son took swim lessons (bused to the Shoal Creek location) and my daughter does Soccer Shots. My kids have also made great memories here with some of their classmates, and I've made great mom friends. I'd definitely recommend this school to anyone who's looking for a place like this.

- Angela V.

January 1st, 1970

Our daughter has attended since June of 2018 after we had a quite terrible experience with an in home shared nanny. We found stepping stone by a couple of other mom's strong recommendations because "it's much more than a daycare." This is true - they really take education and stimulating activities seriously. There was even a music Monday where a girl who plays guitar and other instruments comes and plays for them! They communicate the theme of the week and activities associates sometimes with pictures or videos, which always make my day. I love that they cook nutritious meals for breakfast lunch and snack. They have been upfront when she's had accidents - they fill out a form and sometimes will even call when it happens. Also very communicative about flu or other illnesses going around. As others mentioned, there has been staff turnover since we've been here, which raises question, but there are several teachers that have been there since we started and the most likely reason is because they are great at what they do. You can tell when your kid likes going to school versus when they don't and even being dropped off to specific teachers. Yes, sometimes she comes home sticky/dirty from afternoon snack and being outside, but that's what kids do and that's okay! I'm glad she's happy and playing with all her friends, enjoying being a toddler.

- Victoria A.

April 11th, 2019

We've been so lucky to find Stepping Stone for our daughter. She loves miss Sacorra in the infant room, we can tell because she has a huge grin each time she sees her. The whole staff seems great and they certainly care about the kids. They are always offering to try new things to build good habits, making good suggestions, and are really are helping our daughter develop. I would certainly recommend.

- Sean W.

August 15th, 2019

We have had a great experience with Stepping Stone Northcross. Everyone is super friendly and helpful, especially our teacher Ms. Sacorra in the baby room. She does a great job of making sure our son is well taken care of and provides us with an update when we pick him up each day. You can tell she really enjoys working with the babies and always has a smile on her face. We would highly recommend this daycare, especially the baby room with Ms. Sacorra.

- Rebecca C.

August 16th, 2019

We love Stepping Stone and especially Ms. Sacorra in the infant room. She's always very nice and helpful and our daughter seems to absolutely love her. We also love Ms. Venessa. Our daughter always smiles when we get to school. We know she's well cared for and has a blast!

- Kellie D.

August 16th, 2019