Caregivers are safe!

Daily School-Age Schedule

A recent Yale study confirmed the intensive steps taken by childcare professionals have had a tremendous impact on preventing the spread of COVID-19 and other illnesses!

We are responsible for the safety of THOUSANDS of Central Texas families – that’s why our extensive and focused Proactive Protection Plan has been in place since FEBRUARY – months ahead of other schools and ISD’s when days mattered!

Learn more about the study by clicking the PDF link, and learn about our Proactive Protection Plan here.

Careers with a Lifetime Benefit

Working at Stepping Stone School is more than a “daycare job.” It is part career, part calling – and fully rewarding! We are looking for the best educators in Central Texas.

We are recruiting inspired leaders, creators, problem-solvers and collaborators who are dedicated to learning and growing. Educators who leverage their creativity and emotional maturity with our extensive in-house training to produce the best educational outcomes for our students. Team players who work and play well with others and appreciate the value of a proven, unified approach

As a member of our team, you will be part of:

  • A nationally and internationally respected and recognized Early Care and Education program, which embraces excellence, continuous improvement, and has pride in everything we do.
  • A four decade young sophisticated and dynamic, privately-owned organization with a network of 20 campuses, providing job stability and opportunity for growth and career advancement.
  • A Commitment to and respect for professionalism in all we do.
  • The opportunity to serve and create the next generation of leaders and innovators.

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Connect to something bigger- The Stepping Stone School Difference!

In everything we do we believe in making a difference, improving and changing the lives we touch every day. At Stepping Stone School, we work to improve the quality of life for our families, children, and staff. We focus on the development of our children and families as well as our educators and administrators. We believe in being a part of something larger and more important than just ourselves. We know and understand the importance and reasons why we do what we do every day!

“I had the privilege of working as a teacher at Stepping Stone School when I first entered the field of education over two decades ago. This experience taught me the importance of using research-based instructional practices to support learning.

Stepping Stone School is a premier private school because they have maintained their focus on high-quality instructional programs and they provide developmentally appropriate, child-and-family-centered care and education. I am honored to serve on the Educational Advisory Board of what I consider to be the nation’s model preschool and early childhood education program.”

Christopher J. Lemons, Ph.D.,Associate Professor of Special Education in the Graduate School of Education at Stanford University.

Dr. Christoper Lemons - Stepping Stone School Advisory BoardChristopher J. Lemons, Ph.D.Advisory Board Member

Employee Support

Stepping Stone School offers its educators competitive wages and an excellent work environment. Your total package includes an array of options and opportunities customized just for you!  Some of the many benefits available are:

  • Affiliation with a privately-owned, nationally recognized early care and education organization
  • Child Development Associates Degree scholarships
  • State-of-the-art, nationally recognized learning campuses
  • Childcare benefits (up to $5,000- to $7,000 annually per child)
  • Medical, dental, vision, life and long/short term disability insurance. Earned paid time off
  • Pension and retirement savings plans
  • Opportunity for advancement within the company
  • Supportive professional environment and a personalized career plan
  • Continuous educational opportunities with access to one-on-one instruction with advanced degreed administrators

We ensure that our team members are respected, supported and valued. Comprehensive orientation and training, curriculum development and extensive continuing education opportunities abound, ensuring your continued success.

Stepping Stone School "Make A Difference" ScholarshipChild Development Scholarships

Stepping Stone School "Make A Difference" ScholarshipMake A Difference Scholarships

Childcare Benefits for Stepping Stone School's Parent TeachersChildcare benefits

Tyson giving CPR lessons to new Stepping Stone School AdministratorsCareer training and development.

Employee Benefits

Continuing Education

After completing our nationally recognized CDA scholarship program, faculty members are encouraged to dive further into advanced early child development courses. Those educators displaying a thirst for more knowledge and experience often become mentors, curriculum coordinators, and trainers who are based in our campuses.

Stepping Stone School’s Annual Fall Training Conference

Highly esteemed professionals in the field of Early Care and Education present workshops for our entire faculty annually. Teachers are provided with a wide range of topics to choose from to further their academic development and continued training. All material presented is based on the latest research in the Early Care and Education field.

Curriculum Coordinator

A Stepping Stone School Curriculum Coordinator is a prestigious position at each campus. The purpose of this position is to ensure Stepping Stone School’s curriculum standards are understood and implemented throughout each classroom, while also mentoring and supporting new team members in lesson planning and curriculum implementation, along with being an ongoing model and example of successful curriculum programming.

Learning Management System

Our faculty receive on-going training which consists of research-based courses, prepared by master trainers with esteemed credentials within the company. Material is based on information, research and best practices provided by nationally recognized professional organizations such as the National Association of Education of the Young Child and the Texas Educators Association for Young Child. We design and regularly update our own training modules to further enhance our educators’ performance in the classroom.

Child Development Associate Credentials (CDA)

Stepping Stone School offers scholarships to our faculty to further their education in their age specific fields. The classes are offered through the nationally-recognized Pro-Solutions Training in accordance with the Council for Professional Recognition.

Valued Educator Spotlight

Katy Santopadre - Valued Stepping Stone School educator since 1987

Katy Santopadre has been a dedicated educator at Stepping Stone school since 1987 and was part of its foundational group of teachers within the first decade of the school being open. She is a graduate of the nationally recognized Stepping Stone School Leadership InstituteTM and Stepping Stone School UniversityTM. She has received many accolades throughout her career at Stepping Stone School, including the Longevity Award.

Katy has held several roles throughout her years at Stepping Stone School, including an H.R. position in our administrative office. For the past 15 years, she has served as a toddler teacher at the Cat Hollow campus in Round Rock. She is well versed in the Stepping Stone School philosophy and is committed to providing the highest quality education to all children at Stepping Stone School. She strives for excellence daily and is loyal, duty driven and has a great sense of humor. She is recognized and greatly admired by many current and past Stepping Stone School families, some of whom, still come to visit her on occasion. She is a true leader at Stepping Stone School and an inspiration to all.

Current Opportunities

infant and toddler teacher at stepping stone school

Infant/Toddler Educator

Our Infant/toddler teachers’ one-on-one interactions are opportunities to connect and stimulate healthy brain development

and life-long learning in our youngest children. Each day you have the privilege to hold, soothe and nurture infants and toddlers you truly care for! You will create an engaging and nurturing experience that will forever change a child’s life while providing families with detailed reports on their child’s eating, diapering, sleeping and developmental activities.

The infants and toddlers in your care will develop trust, begin using language and gain confidence in their budding motor skills.

Preschool Teacher at Stepping Stone School

Pre-Kindergarten Educator

Our teachers personally connect, engage, and develop the children in their community. Each day brings something

new and exciting with the potential to change our children’s lives! Our teachers go above and beyond to enrich and develop each child. Our educators have ongoing opportunities for training and development to ensure they are evolving and growing each day as well! As a highly-trained educator you will prepare weekly theme-based learning plans that respond to the stages and interests of each individual child using your own inner creative genius. The activities are designed to facilitate exploration, self-awareness and social discovery for these active learners.

school age teacher at stepping stone school

School Age Educator

School-age children grow at an amazing rate— physically, emotionally/socially, cognitively and linguistically.

As a school age educator you will help our children grow in confidence and refine their peer relationships while obtaining a better understanding of the adult world. This allows the young adults to thrive creating friendships and alliances while also taking on new challenges and responsibility. As a School Age teacher you will nurture the children with character building, homework assistance, mind-expanding S.T.E.A.M. projects and experiments, along with daily physical activity. Our educators go above and beyond to enrich and develop each young adult!

Stepping Stone School Director

Director/Assistant Director

As a campus Director or Assistant Director you will take the lead in nurturing and making meaningful connections

with our children, families, educators and the community! Our Campus administrators believe we can all become a part of something bigger and inspire positive change. Campus leaders keep each school running like clockwork, ensuring operational tasks and team management runs smoothly. There is endless opportunity to develop your leadership with ongoing trainings, mentoring and boundless opportunities for advancement and growth. Some of the educational opportunities include attending national early care and education conferences, meeting and learning from some of the top educators in the nation and advancing your leadership skills.

Chef and Hygiene Manager at Stepping Stone School

Chef/Hygiene Manager

Our Chefs not only prepare healthy meals for our children, but also provide essential support for the daily activities which

allow each school to run smoothly. Many of our families believe our Chefs are the heart of our campuses and love the freshly made, nutritious food prepared daily for our children. You will be a part of a warm, caring team of individuals that truly cares about each child and family served daily by Stepping Stone School.   

Regional Leadership

At Stepping Stone School our Regional Leadership are leaders of leaders focusing on developing tightly knit teams.

They do this by creating opportunities for our employees to grow and make a unique contribution, while coaching their development and helping team members achieve their full potential. These leaders are accountable for all of the campuses in their purview and are responsible for building local strategies to manage each campuses performance by knowing their markets, their communities and their families. With opportunity for growth each step of the way, these leaders ensure the highest quality standards are present in all of our schools and associates.

Careers at Stepping Stone School

People choose to work at Stepping Stone School because of what we do and why we do it!

Who we are and what we believe in are the foundations of Stepping Stone School. It is the reason we have teachers who have been here for over 25 years, and why so many teachers and staff choose to bring their own children to Stepping Stone School. Stepping Stone School is also the favorite provider of early care and education for teachers working in the local ISDs. They have received children from Stepping Stone School into their classes and have seen how ready for school these children are. The child care benefits from $5,000 to $7,000 annually per child are more generous than those offered by our competitors and you will gain peace of mind that your child is receiving the highest quality care and education possible.

At Stepping Stone School, we understand the greater connection between children, families, teachers, administration, schools, and communities. While we instinctively teach sharing in the classroom, we also value generosity at a higher level. Stepping Stone School is a leader in providing support to our community by sponsoring the Kid’s K at the annual Turkey Trot which benefits Caritas. We also make donations and provide sponsorships to many other worthy family and child related causes in the Central Texas area.

(Click here for more information on philanthropy)

Our leadership begins in each classroom, as we model, practice and teach the importance of good safety, health, character and overall wellness. The leadership extends to our campuses, as we model, practice and teach the value of environmental responsibility. And finally, our efforts reach into the community, as we enthusiastically embrace opportunities to help make Central Texas a better place to learn, work and live.

Employee Testimonials

Employment Application

For more information, please visit our job listings, call us at 512.459.0258 or email HR@SteppingStoneSchool. You may download and complete a Stepping Stone School Employment Application.