The Empathy Nook at Stepping Stone School

Stepping Stone School is proud to introduce the Empathy Nook™ a safe place within our Prekindergarten classrooms for children to participate in self-regulation techniques, social problem-solving strategies, and empathy development.

The Empathy Nook™ is a special area housing tools introduced during whole group instruction to practice active calming strategies such as breathing techniques, yoga, and mindfulness.

Children may visit the Empathy Nook™ any time they recognize their desire to change how they are feeling, to spend time alone, or to work out a challenge with a classmate.

When visiting the Empathy Nook™, children will find tools to remind them of the calming strategies they have learned.  Posters, books, and cards depicting feelings invite children to check in with their emotions.  Children will learn how to slow down, recognize how they are feeling, and identify the feeling.  When children are more aware of their feelings, they can discuss them and are less likely to act them out.  Additionally, children may utilize the puzzles, games, and sensory tools housed in the Empathy Nook™ to support self-regulation and social problem-solving.

The Empathy Nook™ supports healthy connection between children as they utilize a specialized Solution Kit for solving social problems in the classroom.  The visual tools in the kit prompt children to work out solutions to their social problems independently.

The Empathy Nook™ enhances our Kindness & Empathy™ curriculum through the application of skills learned at Stepping Stone School.  Children will find reminders of daily learning and supportive practices as they continue to develop empathy skills which will benefit them for the rest of their lives.


Age Groups:

Advanced Pre-K

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