Year-End Tax Statements

Tax statements were emailed to all of our 2020 families on January 14th, 2021.
Please verify your email address with the campus principal to ensure delivery and check your inboxes and/or spam filters before requesting additional statements.

If you have any questions or would like a previous year’s statement please complete the request form below and we will assist you shortly.
Additional Tax Statement Requests submitted past this date will be responded to within 5 business days.
-Thank you!

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FAQs about Year End Statements

  1. How can I get a copy of my year-end statement?
    You may request a copy of your year-end statement by completing the form above.
  2. Why are year-end statements not sent to me automatically?
    Because the year-end statement provided by Stepping Stone School may not be sufficient in the event of an audit, and many of our families use other documentation as proof of payment for tax purposes, we provide year-end statements only upon request.
  3. If the year-end statement provided by Stepping Stone School is not sufficient in the event of an audit, what should I use as proof of payment made to Stepping Stone School?
    The best representation of what you have paid in child care expenses are copies of your canceled checks, your bank or debit/credit statement, online payments and/or money order receipts, which we would suggest keeping for future reference.
  4. My child transferred to a new campus mid-year. How can I get payment records for the previous campus?
    You may request a copy of your year-end statement for all Stepping Stone School campuses by filling out the form above. Be sure to note which campuses your child attended.
  5. There is a discrepancy on my year-end statement. How do I correct this?
    Please see your center principal who can print a copy of your ledger card, review your account with you and assist you in clarifying any discrepancies.
  6. I need the EIN/Tax ID number for my center. How can I obtain this information?
    Our Employer ID Number (sometimes called a tax ID number) is 74-2731457.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is not meant to replace the advice and counsel of a professional tax preparer, CPA or tax attorney. If you have questions regarding your deductions, you should contact a professional to provide you with the necessary guidance.