Advanced Pre-Kindergarten

Advanced Kindergarten Readiness Academy

4 – 5 years

Advanced Pre-Kindergarten children are budding scholars!

Our experienced and committed educators implement our Platinum Learning for LifeTM curriculum which creates a solid foundation for future academic and social-emotional success.

Advanced Pre-Kindergarten students discover their potential, eagerly explore new concepts and are inspired to be adventurous learners!

S.T.R.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Relationships, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) is integrated into daily learning plans. “Hands on/Mind on” experiences foster early understanding of these fundamental concepts, increasing future academic strengths and lifelong learning opportunities.

Stepping Stone School graduates enter kindergarten well-prepared and ready to learn!

Curriculum Components

Language Development

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  • Mastering language skills by reading books, singing songs and interacting with technology.
  • Strengthening writing skills through journaling and creative expression.
  • Enhancing pre-reading skills through the use of BOB Books.
  • Practicing daily dual language skills and strengthening Spanish vocabulary and American Sign Language (ASL).

Physical Development

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  • Developing healthy eating and exercise habits.
  • Enhancing gross motor skills through running, jumping and climbing activities.
  • Strengthening hand-to-eye coordination through throwing and passing games.
  • Mastering fine motor skills with writing, cutting, and gluing activities.

Social & Emotional Development

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  • Increasing independence and self-reliance through participation in classroom responsibilities.
  • Students practice cooperation skills as they participate in small group activities.
  • Developing an empathic understanding of others through our Communities of Character™ curriculum with focused character building age appropriate activities.
  • Making friends for life.

Cognitive Development

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  • Expanding creativity and imagination through dramatic play and creative expression.
  • Recognizing cause and effect relationships.
  • Strengthening critical thinking skills through S.T.R.E.A.M. activities and experiments.
  • Enhancing mathematical reasoning via recognition of patterns in nature, shapes in the environment, counting, problem solving skills, sorting and matching activities.
  • Developing scientific thinking through investigative and discovery-based learning.
  • Engaging in complex problem solving skills as they participate in age-appropriate learning opportunities at The Atelier™.
  • Coding which includes tasks like analyzing, predicting, planning, patterning, sequencing, sorting, organizing and evaluating.

Platinum Learning For Life