Stepping Stone School at McNeil / Jollyville

  • 6616 McNeil Drive
  • Austin, TX 78729
  • (512) 258-9141
  • Monday-Friday, 6:30 a.m. to 6:15 p.m.
  • 6 weeks through 13 years

Programs Offered

  • Infant - Early Childhood Developmental Nurturance Program (6 weeks – 18 months)
  • Toddler - Developmental Preschool Program (18 – 24 months)
  • Preschool - Developmental Preschool Program (2 to 3 years)
  • Pre-Kindergarten - Kindergarten Readiness Academy (3 – 4 years)
  • Advanced Pre-Kindergarten - Advanced Kindergarten Readiness Academy (4 – 5 years)
  • School-Age - Future Leaders and Innovators School-Age Program


  • Before School: Jollyville, Live Oak and Pond Springs Elementary Schools
  • After School: Jollyville, Live Oak and Pond Springs, Caraway, and Laurel Mountain Elementary Schools

Welcome to the Stepping Stone School located at 6616 McNeil Drive in North Austin conveniently situated between 183 and Parmer Lane at the heart of Austin’s High-Tech sector. The property which was once a ranch is populated with multiple Heritage Oak trees which wrap their limbs around the school and nicely shade the large fun-filled playgrounds. The campus consists of a main building where children from the age of 6 weeks to 5 years old are cared for. A separate building on the west side of the property provides two large classrooms and private restrooms for school age children.

This is the first campus designed and built from the ground up by the Paver family. The design ensures the security and safety of the children at all levels. A large indoor gathering space or atrium is flanked by wings of classrooms. In the atrium we host holiday parties for our families and provide our enrichment programs which include Dance Discovery, Kung Fu Kids, Opus One Music, Flippers Gymnastics, Soccer Shots, and Sports Adventures. On the days it is either too wet, hot or cold to go outside the atrium serves as a dynamic indoor play space.

We educate and care for children from 6 weeks to 13 years old. We provide transportation for the following elementary schools: Jollyville, Live Oak, Pond Springs, Caraway and Laurel Mountain.

We proudly serve families in the following and many other communities:

Adirondack, Angus Trail, Angus Valley, Arrowwood, Austin Hills, Balcones Oaks, Balcones Village, Balcones West, Balcones Woods, Barrington Oaks, Bend at the Villages of Spicewood, Bull Creek Ranch, Canyon Creek, Canyon Creek West, Canyon Ridge, Canyon Rim, Cat Mountain, Champion City Park, Champions Forest, Cherry Hill Park, Chimney Corners, Clayton's Crossing, Dorsett Oaks, Duval Springs, Enclave at the Villages of Spicewood, Forest Ridge, Four Points Centre, Gateway, Grandview Hills, High Vista, Highland Hills, Highland Oaks, Jester Point, Lakewood Park, Leffler Commercial, Mesa Forest, Mesa Oaks, Mesa Park, Milwood, Mountain Ridge, North Crossing, Northview Hills, Northwest Balcones, Northwest Hills, Northwest Hills Ranch, Northwest Oaks, Oak Forest, Oaks of Jollyville, Painted Bunting, Palladio Point, Park at Duval, Point West of Westover Hills, Prominent Point, Quarry, Riata Crossing, Ribelin Ranch, Sette Tierra, Shadow Oaks, Sierra Oaks, Sonesta West, Spicewood Summit, Stillhouse Springs, Summit Oaks, The Arbor at Great Hills, The Bluffs of Great Hills, The Fairway at Great Hills, The Highlands at Oak Forest, The Meadows of Great Hills, The Parke, The Pavillion, Treetops, Twin Mesa, Valle Escondido, Valley Oaks, Vista North, Vista West, Westover Hills, Windridge, Yucca Mountain

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We Absolutely LOVE Stepping Stone School McNeil. We toured a couple of different daycares before we toured McNeil, and one thing that stood out to us was A. How Clean the entire center is B. How updated the center is, they have done an amazing job remodeling and keeping the area current. and C. how HAPPY each and every child is. We had gotten off vibes from every other daycare center we went to and when we walked through the doors we just felt at peace and knew this was our child's daycare. Our baby has been in their care since November and is absolutely thriving. For working parents, the daily report that is so very thorough is a lifesaver. The pictures they send throughout the day are a lifesaver as well. I'll be having a rough workday and all of a sudden DING I get to see what they are learning and my baby's smiling face. All the ladies in the Infant room are AMAZING. We are so thankful every day for Stepping Stone and the amazing things they do for our child!

- Rachael W.

January 24th, 2020

In January of last year, we had no other choice but to look for a different school for our 10 month old and 2 year old. They had been going to a different Stepping Stone location since they were newborns, so we knew that we really loved the Stepping Stone culture and wanted to stay with them. I called Stepping Stone on McNeil and spoke with the principal, Tanna, and she let me know that they had openings for them in two weeks. We put our notice in at the other location, and the kids started going to the new location at the beginning of February. I knew that first day was going to be rocky. Especially with my son (who can be a bit of a handful)....but to this day I never will know if it was. They were so positive, they emphasized the "good choices" my son had made that day, and I don't remember the mention of any negative occurrences that I had gotten so used to hearing about. I remember cringing as I peered into the infant room. My usually shy, stranger danger baby girl would surely lose it as soon as she saw me. There she was, pulling herself up on the leg of the teacher with a huge smile on her face. She didn't cry at all when she saw me. I was in shock! That first day was amazing, and I instantly felt a sense of relief.

It has been almost a year and JaNae, the teacher that my baby girl was pulling herself up on in is still there. Every time I see her, she has a huge smile on her face and she is either in a room full of happy babies, or eagerly helping out somewhere else in the school. Like most of the teachers at this location, you can tell how much she truly loves the kids. Ileene, Francis and Theresa are all amazing with both of my children. Tanna is awesome! She runs a tight ship, and it is so obvious how much she loves her staff and the kids.

The staff at this school is top notch, but there is definitely a stand out in my opinion. Mychaela is my sons teacher and words cannot describe how incredible we think she is. She takes the time to understand each and every child. Even when her kids are "playing", they always seem to be learning. The kids adore her but more than anything, they respect her. I honestly wish I would have sent them both to this location from the get go and definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a great place to take their children!

- Carrie P.

January 11th, 2017

Our infant son spends his days at the Stepping Stone location on McNeil. I cannot say enough about how loving and professional the staff is there. My husband and I are amazed and so pleased with our decision. Their insight into caring for babies is amazing. I learn from them each week! They are experts for sure. My son is happy, clean, naps well, eats great and is smiling all the time. There is nothing they will not do for him. The baby "snugglers" as I call them are wonderful and committed. Some career staff have been there for decades. This says it all.

Childcare is one of the most important decisions a parent makes in those early years. We know we got it right with Stepping Stone. Our daughter spent five years at the Stepping Stone on O'Connor. We loved it and that staff. This McNeil team will help raise our son. We know they are an extension of our family and he will be there for years to come.

This facility is spotless! So clean and fresh. My son is not sick and is super happy. We highly recommend this team and location.

- Joy S.

June 8th, 2018

I absolutely love this place! I have all 3 of my children currently attending this school. My 2 year old is in Ms. Lexi's class and loves going to school which helps me feel so much better through out the day. He has been able to get potty-trained, learn his colors, numbers, and sign language! He shows me more and more what he learns everyday. My other 2 children are in their after school program with Ms Alyssia. They prepare and create activities everyday, help with their homework, and even do a cooking project. I have been blown away with the constant communication from the teachers. I truly feel like my kids are safe and happy there. I highly recommend this place for families that want more than just baby sitters.

- Paul L.

September 27th, 2019

Our 7 month old attends Stepping Stone at McNeil and we absolutely love it. The infant teacher, Ms. Francis, is the BEST. My little one practically jumps out of my arms every morning to see her. Quite a few of the staff have been at this school for many years so their is a lot of consistency. We couldn't be happier with this school and look forward to our little one growing and learning here for years to come.

- Stephanie W.

October 6th, 2017

Our 11 month old is in the baby room and the teachers who receive her in the morning (Ms Francis, Ms Melissa) are extremely sweet. Her day teachers (Ms Shiloh, Ms Drifah) are also wonderful and have helped her accomplish many milestones (tummy time, crawling, walking, blowing kisses, dancing, waving bye, etc). It's truly amazing the things she's learned since she's been there.

I read a complaint about the babies missing socks, missing hair bows, food stains, etc. That's what babies do and i'm not sure there's any way around that. As far as the curriculum, there's full transparency as every room has a camera. If we really thought it was an issue we could always pop in and watch. The curriculum has always seemed to be a top priority here.

I can honestly say we've never been happier. Both daughters are happy, learning, and safe. At the end of the day, that's what really matters.

- Mike R.

December 6th, 2018

We absolutely LOVE Stepping Stone McNeil! My daughter has been there since she was 9 weeks and is 2 y/o now. I'm sad every time she moves to a new class because I have loved the previous teacher so much and it's a reminder that she is growing up so fast. Then we get another AMAZING teacher! Yes, there have been a few teachers come and go, but the main teacher in the classroom has been constant from age group to age group. Ms Francis (infant room) is beyond fantastic and set the bar very high for those to follow. Ms Elizabeth (18-24months) filled Ms Francis' unimaginably magical shoes to a T. We have just moved into Ms Lexi's class (2 years) and I am already excited for my daughter and this new chapter. All 3 principals since we have been there have been fantastic. They have all been compassionate, open minded, patient, and listened to any concerns we had. Ms Chrystal (Assistant Principal) gives it to us straight and keeps an open line of communication with us for all happenings with our daughter on a day to day basis. I truly feel that I can trust the staff with my daughter and to inform me of any major incidents concerning my daughter.

I highly recommend Stepping Stone at McNeil. I am always surprised and sad to hear from parents that have had a different experience there. It feels like they are at a completely different campus/school. I have heard complaints about staff turnover, but most daycares have this issue. I know that the administration is doing their best to keep the turnover low and their efforts are paying off. Other complaints were about normal kid stuff; missing socks/bows, dirty clothes, looking disheveled at the end of the day, bite marks/bumps/scratches, etc... Missing socks/bows show that my daughter was exploring with dressing/undressing herself (they also ask you to not put bows in your child's hair in the infant room to avoid other babies from trying to pull them out cause you know, babies). Dirty clothes show that she enjoyed her lunch and played hard outside. Looking disheveled shows she was active throughout the day and didn't just sit in a chair until I came to pick her up. Bite marks/bumps/scratches, though not what any parent wants to see on their child, shows that she was exploring with socializing and sharing. A bite, scratch or fall can happen in seconds whether there are 2 kids to 1 teacher or 10 to 1.

Just like most things, you will get out of the school what you put into it. I regularly talk with her teachers and the administration about any issues I have, how my daughter is doing, how the school is doing and really get to know them as more than just my daughter's teachers. They are always receptive and address any concerns instantly. The curriculum is good too, my daughter comes home with new words, more compassion, songs and smiles everyday. On many occasions, my daughter has ran out of my arms to greet the staff when we arrive in the mornings. The staff at SS-M are with my daughter for more waking hours than myself some weeks, it is important that not only she feel safe with them, but I do as well. We are fortunate to have found our safe place in Stepping Stone-McNeil.

LSS: Stepping Stone McNeil is AMAZING!!

- Maya S.

August 20th, 2019