Security Standards

Stepping Stone School has developed operational guidelines and best practices to deal with any critical event, weather situation and/or emergency that might arise. You can rest assured the faculty and campus administrators of Stepping Stone School strive to preserve and protect life, reduce emotional trauma, minimize personal injury, and cooperate with local emergency preparedness agencies at all times. Our effective and comprehensive security and crisis management measures are in place at each and every Stepping Stone School campus.  Our staff are experienced and practiced in the operation of the school and the safe guarding of your children during crisis and emergency situations. The plan includes comprehensive implementation of emergency communication capabilities across classrooms and campuses, as well as between the school and parents. The faculty and administrators receive thorough training in evacuation and lock-down procedures, clear and well-established medical and weather emergency procedures, CPR and First Aid certification and emergency drills practiced by all students and faculty in case of fire, severe weather, bomb threat, lock down, and all off-site evacuation situations. Stepping Stone School considers the safety, health and welfare of every student as one of its top priorities and implements the highest level of emergency preparedness protocol on every campus.