Two’s Day Activities for Tuesday 2/22/22!

Here are some fun ideas on how to celebrate 2/22/22 with your child!

1.Enjoy some skip counting fun!
2.Create a mini book all about the number.
3.Go on a two scavenger hunt looking for the number two.
4.See how many different exercises your children can do in 2 mins.
5.Learn how to count in 2’s.
6.Create the number 2 using Playdough Number Mats.
7.Create a number 2 poster to decorate.
8.Go on a scavenger hunt through magazines for the number 2 represented in different ways.
9.Create a number line using chalk and have your children place a rock on each of the numbers that feature the number 2.
10.For older children you can use different writing prompts. “When I’m 22 I will…” or “If I had $22,000 I would…”
11.Learn about the homophone – two, to and too!
12.Schools around the world are doing the two minute dance party on 2/22/22 at 2:22.
13.Children can dress like twins with another person.
14.Set up a store where everything costs 2 or 22 cents.
15.Find a pair with a matching or memory game.
16.Count to 22.
17.Practice two syllable words.
18.Play paper basketball – all shots are worth 2 points!
19.Practice sorting with 22 objects.
20.Can a coin hold 22 drops of water? Children can use a dropper to place 22 drops of water onto a coin. (They can experiment with different-sized coins to see. After they’ve used water, challenge them to do this with oil. Does it do the same thing? No! That’s because water has polar molecules. That means it acts like a magnet and attracts to itself. )
21.Write a letter “to” someone.
22.Think of things that came in pairs!


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