Summer Activities that Promote Learning

Summer is here and it is the time of year when parents take on the challenge of keeping their children actively and mentally engaged. With Summer Brain Drain being a very real occurrence, it is important to choose activities that not only encourage learning but also utilize skills that your child already has. Here are some ideas to keep your child’s mind stimulated throughout the Summer months.Summer

  • Embrace his/her interests: If your child is enthusiastic about a certain activity, hobby or subject, make sure that you give them the opportunity to explore their passions. These interests could include visiting museums, taking a trip to the library or taking them on a nature walk.


  • Play Games: This is your opportunity to get creative with your child. Playing a version of charades, Pictionary orI Spy is a great way for them to utilize their creative thinking skills. Math is frequently incorporated into board games, making them both fun and challenging. You can also choose a game that requires basic counting, addition and color matching.


  • Get out of the house: Visit places that your child will enjoy, while also promote learning. Take them to local parks, historical monuments or nature preserves. Nature and science, as well as, children’s museums are also a good option as most of them have interactive exhibits. Some may have free admission on certain days of the week. Talk to them as you visit, explaining interesting facts and the significance of the location.


  • Learning through unstructured activities: Activities such as music, exercise classes, sports, and art are good ways for your child to learn how to build creative thinking skills and work well with others. Self-expression and discovering new abilities are encouraged with these types of activities, as well as, the development of social interaction.


Summer is a great time to unwind, have fun and spend some time developing creativity through free play. Take this time with your child to step outside of their everyday routine and experience interactive learning opportunities.

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