Stepping Stone School At Home

Stepping Stone School At Home Curriculum

At Stepping Stone School, our mission is to offer not only exceptional nurturing and education for our students, but also extraordinary support and care for all parents and families!

Many families are finding new and creative ways to engage and educate their children while at home! We compiled a list of fun and educational activities and resources for you to use with your family!

Lesson Plans

Week 20: Shapes!

This week we are learning all about shapes! The children will be creating art using shapes, learning about shapes in nature and exploring 2D and 3D shapes!

Begin Week 20

Week 19: Dinosaurs!

This week we are investigating Dinosaurs! The children will have the opportunity to create and examine fossils and use dinosaurs to count and develop their math skills!! They will also use their creativity to make dinosaur feet and a dinosaur hat!

Begin Week 19

Week 18: Neighbors!

This week our focus is on Neighbors! The children will have the opportunity to develop their social-emotional skills through several Mr. Rogers inspired activities! They will also engage their creativity by making puppets at home, painting with oil and water, and drawing their own neighborhood!

Begin Week 18

Week 17: Health and Wellness!

This week we are focusing on Health and Wellness! Through hands-on activities the children can develop their understanding about healthy food choices and how to use yoga to move their bodies each day. They can also use some of the mindfulness techniques to develop their self-awareness and self-esteem!

Begin Week 17

Week 16: Construction and Tools!

This week is all about Construction and Tools! Children can use their engineering skills to test various types of simple bridges, listen to Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel and practice their fine motor skills by hammering with golf tees!

Begin Week 16

Week 15: The Circus!

This week we are learning all about the circus! The children will use their listening skills as they play rIngmaster says, explore shapes and colors with a clown activity, and express their creativity through open-ended art projects!

Begin Week 15

Week 14: Oceans and Beaches!

This week we will be exploring oceans and beaches! Create a watercolor salt ocean painting and use shells to sort and classify! We will also learn why there is sand at the beach and how to draw a jellyfish!

Begin Week 14

Week 13: Texas Cowhands!

This week our At Home™ learning resources are all about Texas! Your children can create playdough cacti, make a Texas flag, or paint some bluebonnets! We also have simple science activities like making your own butter and panning for gold!

Begin Week 13

Week 12: Music and Sound!

This week your children will learn all about music and sound! They can express their creativity through a variety of hand made instruments, improve their critical thinking skills by sorting and classifying musical objects and experiemnt with sound waves!

Begin Week 12

Week 11: Let’s Go Camping!

Let’s Go Camping! Join us this week as we explore the great outdoors from our own backyard! The children can create nature-inspired art, build a tent from recycled materials, or learn about symmetry in nature! We have also shared some helpful information on creating visual schedules to ensure this summer is a success!

Begin Week 11

Week 10: Art and Famous Artists

This week the children will be learning about Art and Famous Artists throughout history! They will build their letter recognition and literacy skills as they read “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom”. They can also conduct fun science experiments and explore color mixing!
Begin Week 10

Week 9: Pets

This week we are investigating Pets! The children will build empathy and kindness as they learn how to care for a pet. The activities this week will allow the children to express their creativity through various art mediums and they will practice sorting and charting skills as well!
Begin Week 9

Week 8: Weather

The week we are exploring Weather in its various forms! Your child will conduct scientific experiments to understand how rain develops and improve their literacy skills as they read The Snowy Day!
Begin Week 8

Week 7: The Zoo

Join us as we investigate and discover The Zoo this week! Your children will have the opportunity to improve their literacy readiness, character development and motor skills with these fun and educational activities!
Begin Week 7

Week 6: Transportation

This week our At HomeTM is focused on transportation! The children will discover various types of transportation as they build their cognitive thinking skills, gross motor development, mindfulness and more!
Begin Week 6

Week 5: Outer Space

This week you and your child will explore Outer Space! The children will be using their executive function skills as they use shapes to create new objects like a rocket ship!
They will get moving with fun gross motor activities, as well as engaging space-themed art and sensory learning opportunities!
Begin Week 5

Week 4: Earth Day

This week we will be learning all about Earth Day– the annual event celebrated around the world on April 22 to demonstrate support for environmental protection. It was first celebrated in 1970, and now includes events in more than 193 countries.
Share your Earth Day activities with us by using the hashtags #SSSEarthday on Social Media!
Begin Week 4

Week 3: Eggs and Renewal

This week we will be learning all about Eggs and Renewal. Children can investigate the scientific properties of eggs and investigate the many animals that lay eggs!
We also have some engaging motor development activities and fun ideas that promote learning with simple household items!
Begin Week 3

Week 2: The Farm

The educational at home learning theme this week is The Farm. Children will learn about the animals and crops raised on farms!
The activities also foster cognitive, social and emotional development through hands-on and interactive lessons!
Begin Week 2

Week 1: Spring!

This week’s educational focus is on Spring! We will investigate spring flowers and plant growth in the at-home learning activities.
Children will also develop important social and emotional skills like empathy and kindness!
Begin Week 1