Healthy Nutrition

Healthy Nutrition – Local Farm Fresh

Meals at Stepping Stone School are healthy, made from scratch and wholesome. Our fresh produce is grown on local farms (see below). Prepared in each school’s open, gourmet kitchen, three snacks and a hot lunch provide a balanced combination of local, farm fresh ingredients including fruits and vegetables, lean meats, and whole grains. We work closely with local community vendors to incorporate healthy, farm fresh ingredients in our menu each week! Our chefs ensure children receive the nutrition they need through meals they love to eat. We are vigilant about allergies and food sensitivities and our campuses are peanut-free.

Meal times are used as an opportunity to enhance social-emotional development, as our teachers focus on self regulation, healthy eating practices, manners and coordination.

  • All varieties of dairy are fresh!
  • Our nutrition plan exclusively serves whole-grain pasta, rice and bread.
  • All servings of vegetables are fresh daily.
  • Local Farm Fresh options are provided weekly
  • All Stepping Stone School campuses are PEANUT-FREE.
  • Vegetarian meal options are available.

Stepping Stone School currently sources local farm-fresh produce from these Central Texas farms

  • Johnson’s Backyard Garden – Austin
  • Urban Roots Farm – Austin
  • Boggy Creek Farms – Austin
  • Tecolote Farms – Manor
  • B. Catalani – San Antonio

What children are saying

“I drank all my milk so I can be strong like Miss Toni”

“Did you know, if we eat our veggies we will be big and strong?”

“Mr. Tommy makes the best food!”

Proud To Be Polite

Download the Proud To Be Polite Placemat from Stepping Stone School

Manners and etiquette are not only valuable to learn at a young age, they are essential to living, working, and succeeding in everyday life. Children learning these skills will set themselves apart from their peers. Stepping Stone School is committed to teaching manners and etiquette to support the social and emotional well-being of every child.

Want to learn more about the Proud To Be Polite curriculum at Stepping Stone School?
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Stepping Stone School Nutrition Plan for all campuses

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Director of Nutrition - Helen Letkeman

Director of Nutrition

Helen Letkeman