Family Service

Serving Families 

From a warm, heartfelt welcome to frequent thoughtful updates throughout the day, at Stepping Stone School, we offer not only exceptional nurturing and education for our students, but also extraordinary support and care for our parents.

Family Service – Customer service which is more balanced, comprehensive and thoughtful.

We believe the success of Stepping Stone School children depends upon the quality of our partnership with our families – a partnership based on trust, integrity, compassion, happiness, and peace of mind.

Here’s what Family Service looks like:

  • a warm greeting and hot cup of coffee waiting for you each morning
  • a cozy spot for you and your child to sit and read a book together, smoothing the transition between home and school
  • a special note from the teacher about a kindness shown or a milestone achieved by your child during the day
  • helpful hand shepherding your child to the car while you secure your infant’s carrier


Platinum Learning LinkDaily Communications Keeps Parents in Touch

stepping stone school - platinum learning linkWe place great emphasis on open communication with our parents. Our Platinum Learning Link™ powered by the Tadpoles electronic daily communication tool is a progressive method of keeping parents in touch with their children during school hours. Through Platinum Learning Link™, parents receive daily complimentary emails that outline their child’s learning, eating, sleeping, exercise, and toilet activities (as appropriate). The emails are private and secure. Parents can securely:

  • Receive photos, videos, and notes by email
  • Receive emergency alerts by text message
  • View their child’s history using the app
  • Mark their child out sick or on vacation using the app

At every level, we commit to supporting our children and families.