Expert Educators

Our Educators Nurture Each Child’s Individual Path

Our early care and education teachers are among the finest in the field and are committed to children and families.

They understand how young children grow and develop during the early years and tailor their learning plans to achieve every child’s developmental milestones. For our educators, their work is a call to excellence and they are supported by our extraordinary training and career development opportunities.

Teacher-Child-Parent Connection

One of our strongest philosophical tenets at Stepping Stone School is the teacher-family connection.  Stepping Stone School exceeds expectations when it comes to these important relationships.   

This includes teacher-child, teacher-parent and teacher-administrator relationships, all of which contribute to the quality of education in the classroom. A personal connection with parents bridges school and home life through continuous communication and understanding.

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Instruction during Stepping Stone University

American Sign Language (ASL) instruction in all age groups

Teacher Education

Each of our educators undergoes a rigorous selection process, designed by Rhonda Paver, M.A. and implemented by the executive team.  Rhonda makes a concerted effort to meet with each new hire personally. Every one of our new professionals attends a comprehensive in-house orientation and training, custom-designed by our team of early education and care experts.

Our educators participate in continuing professional education opportunities throughout their career including:

  • Stepping Stone University™
  • Child Development Associate scholarships
  • Stepping Stone School’s Annual Fall Training Conference
  • Stepping Stone School High-Performance Leadership Program™
  • State and national professional conferences

Connect to something bigger- The Stepping Stone School Difference!

In everything we do we believe in making a difference, improving and changing the lives we touch every day. At Stepping Stone School, we work to improve the quality of life for our families, children, and staff. We focus on the development of our children and families as well as our educators and administrators. We believe in being a part of something larger and more important than just ourselves. We know and understand the importance and reasons why we do what we do every day!

Our Culture of Support & Guidance

Stepping Stone School Educators are highly skilled in Early Childhood Education

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Rigorous selection process

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Our professional educators receive daily guidance and support from both their peers and our administrators. Questions are quickly answered and problems are promptly solved.