Campus Design

Each campus is designed according to its surroundings

Stepping Stone School Austin PreSchool Campus DesignOur schools are planned and designed to meet the needs of the community we are serving. We call this site-specific design. We balance our best practices in planning and programming of the schools with the unique needs of families in the area.

For example, water conservation is huge in the minds of parents in South Austin. So we designed a school with interactive dioramas in the floor to educate the children on how water interacts with their lives and ecosystem. Whereas in suburban neighborhoods such as Teravista in Round Rock, the population is largely tech-focused. So here we installed an indoor planetarium – where children can “imagine” themselves in space – looking back at the earth and its continents. 

Each school also responds to its specific environment. We locate windows away from the sun – to maximize daylight and minimize heat exposure. Our design is driven largely by the child’s experience and interaction with the space, providing teachable moments through architecture, and ensuring the safety and health of the materials we use in construction.

We have been nationally recognized for the innovative and creative environments that are unique in the field.  Museum quality elements provide excitement and learning experiences at every campus!