6 Ways to Beat Boredom on a Family Road Trip!

The holiday season is here! And that means hitting the road and traveling for many families. Although road trips can be a great time to bond with your children, traveling together for long hours can be quite boring, especially if there aren’t a variety of activities to keep your children distracted.
Here are some activities to keep your children engaged while on the road:
1.) Travel Journals. Have your children be on the lookout for fun roadside treasures that they can sketch in their journals. Your child can also write about their experiences while on the road trip.
2.) Play a Research Game. Have your child research fun, historical facts about the city and state you are driving through on your mobile phone, or tablet. Have them make a game out of it and see who can find the most fun facts.
3.) Take Photographs. Using your mobile phone, or any other camera, have your children take photographs of the different sites that they see throughout the road trip. Pick something that symbolizes the state that you are driving through, such as longhorns in Texas.
4.) Travel Toys. The dollar store is a great resource for finding inexpensive toys to keep your children occupied while traveling. Small puzzles and card games can be found at the dollar store as well.
5.) Play the Nickname Game. With your smart phone, or tablet, research the reason behind the state’s nickname and ask your child to come up with their own alternate nicknames.
6.) Audio Books. A good audio book can be a great way to keep your children engaged for several hours while keeping their minds active. Chapter books, such as the Harry Potter series would be great to begin with. You can also check out other suggested audio books for children on Audible.com.


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