Three Stars and a Wish

The world we live in is hyper connected and technology driven, but in this fast-paced society we may have forgotten how to be present and connect with those around us. There are many times I catch myself checking e-mail or mindlessly scrolling through the Internet when my two beautiful children are playing happily in front of me. I am missing the most important moments with my children, and I begin to think, “Do I even know my children as well as I think I do?”


Taking time to connect and re-connect with those we care about and love is fundamental to our happiness, but how can we do this when there are a million other things we need to accomplish in a day? The answer is much simpler than you may think. By incorporating unassuming activities into daily tasks or events, we can form these deep and lasting bonds with our loved ones.


This is where “Three Stars and a Wish” comes in. This is a concept that can be easily integrated into your dinner time routine or before bed rituals. You simply ask your family for three stars from the day. They can be events of the day, for instance “I got 100% on my math test” or “I met a new friend at the park.” They can also be modest things like “I wore my favorite pink shirt today” or “I had my favorite thing for breakfast, pancakes!” These are insights into what is important to your family. Now you know you child’s favorite shirt is the pink one, and she values meeting new people. You can take this information and use it to build bonds and surprise them with their favorite breakfast – pancakes!


The next step is a wish. This can be anything a family member may want, hope for, and aspire to be, or want to do in the future. They can be wishes for themselves or for other people. These simple statements offer astonishing awareness into what your family is striving for in life and what is really important to them. In the beginning, you might get simple responses like, “I wish for a new toy,” but when you practice this daily, and you try to think of something new every day, you will be surprised how much information you will receive about your family. This isn’t just for children, all of the members of your family can participate! Make sure you share your own Three Stars and a Wish too! You might just be surprised what hopes and dreams your family has.


The most important part of this activity is LISTENING. Listen attentively to what those you love are really saying and you will receive a wonderful gift. The gift of deep and meaningful relationships. Get to know your family a little better with Three Stars and a Wish!


Age Groups:

Advanced Pre-K

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