Summer Camp 2023

Full S.T.R.E.A.M. Ahead!

S.T.R.E.A.M. principles are integrated into our curriculum throughout the year, but this summer we will be exploring each domain in depth for an exciting two-week period. These concepts will be imparted through a series of activities that will not only teach the children about the weekly theme, but also help to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

From creating robotic hands and balloon barometers to making vision boards and writing a haiku, the children will be hands-on participants in their own learning. During the course of each interactive bi-weekly subject, children will discover why S.T.R.E.A.M. concepts are important both now and in later life.

Campers will experience art projects, science experiments, critical thinking activities, cooking projects and math and literacy activities. Our unique Empathy and Mindfulness curriculums promote development of the brain and spirit. Campers will also participate in weekly podcasting and video activities as well as chess tournaments that take place each month. Sign up today and guarantee a summer that is Full S.T.R.E.A.M. Ahead!

Enroll your School-Age children today for the Stepping Stone School Summer Program at The BraineryTM where they will go FULL S.T.R.E.A.M AHEAD!

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May 30th – June 9th
Leader of the Week:

Austin Summer Camp Leader of The Week - Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein

This week, students will discover the multitude of sciences that exist. Through a variety of science experiments, they will also discover how these sciences have helped us understand our world and how it works.


June 12th – June 23rd
Leader of the Week:

Austin Summer Camp Leader of The Week - Steve Jobs, Founder of Apple

Steve Jobs

Campers will learn all about different types of technology, from the most complex computer system to the simplest of machines. We will investigate how technology effects our daily lives and build our own machines!


June 26th – July 7th
Leader of the Week:

Austin Summer Camp Leader of The Week - Fred Rogers

Fred Rogers

This theme focuses on the interpersonal aspects of life. Students will learn to think critically and meaningfully about how they interact with others and how those interactions can help them, both now and in the future.


July 10th – July 21st
Leader of the Week:

Hedy Lamarr

Children will investigate the ways that structures and systems are designed and created from concept to construction. This week will consist of creating blueprints as well as the construction of multiple masterpieces and machines.


July 24th – August 4th
Leader of the Week

Austin Summer Camp Leader of The Week - Artist Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo

This session will focus on both the visual and performing arts. Campers will learn about the fun and importance of being able to express themselves creatively. Children will investigate multiple forms of art from drawing and sculpting to writing and acting.


August 8th – August 18th
Leader of the Week:

Austin Summer Camp Leader of The Week - Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton

Here we investigate the world of mathematics and how it enriches our lives. This unit contains not only learning about numbers, but spatial awareness and money as well. The children will discover that the world runs on math, and our lives would be very different without it.

Proud to be PoliteTM Curriculum

During this year’s camp at The BraineryTM, Students will be moving Full S.T.R.E.A.M. Ahead! Our curriculum will consist of six, two-week learning plans that will cover Science, Technology, Relationships, Engineering, Art and Mathematics. Children will take part in exciting hands-on experiences involving the development of life skills, problem solving, research, writing poetry and letters, mindfulness, community awareness and servant leadership!

Students will also be participating in various activities that coincide with our Proud to be PoliteTM curriculum, as well as embarking on exciting field journeys!

Teaching Children Manners - Proud to be Polite ribbon

This is sure to be the most exciting Summer Break yet!

The Brainery -Stepping Stone School Summer Camp

Kindness and EmpathyTM

The BraineryTM summer camp offers a series of compassion and character-building activities to accompany each lesson plan. Research demonstrates helping others is key to happiness. There will also be weekly activities dedicated to growing the kindness, empathy, and character of our campers. Your children will also have an opportunity to participate in guided reflective thinking each day.

Every activity your child participates in at The BraineryTM will further their knowledge, increase their curiosity, peak their imagination and move them forward in their development.

All of this and more awaits your child at The BraineryTM

The Atelier

The Atelier is a unique and innovative concept designed specifically by Stepping Stone School to expand the artistic and design opportunities for our children. The Atelier raises the bar for school-age experiences beyond anything offered elsewhere.

The experience goes beyond the mere provision of materials. It focuses on the inner creative genius inherent in all children and provides them with character and creative role models, allowing them to set goals and ascend to the highest levels of their creative potential. By pairing information with imagination, our children will be offered a priceless opportunity to exponentially expand their creativity, problem solving capabilities and the harmonizing of their ideas with others.

The Atelier - Stepping Stone School Summer Camp
Learn more about The AtelierTM

Stepping Stone School Summer Camp - STEAM Curriculum
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Campers at Stepping Stone School will also experience our unique Young Entrepreneur and PhilanthropistTM program. Children will participate in multiple philanthropic and service projects throughout the summer, particularly concentrating on assisting our communities.

This year’s summer camp will feature exciting bi-weekly themes delving into the concept of S.T.R.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Relationships, Engineering, Arts and Math) through fun, engaging and educational activities.