STREAM Curriculum Coming Soon!

This January, we are launching an exciting curriculum emphasis that incorporates the principles of STREAM (Science, Technology, Relationships, Engineering, Arts and Math) education!

“This is the culmination of months of research,” said Rhonda Paver, MA, Stepping Stone School founder and executive director. “As always, we are keeping pace with the most updated curriculum and thinking in the nation.”

The addition of STREAM into our lesson plans will give our students an advantage in school readiness as more schools are adopting this modern learning. Children’s earliest developments and experiences, coupled with nurturing interactions, become the foundation for STREAM knowledge – just as they are the foundation for literacy, social, emotional and physical knowledge.

On Saturday, Jan. 18, our teachers all will receive age-group specific professional development training for STREAM. The agenda will focus on the developmentally appropriate implementation of STREAM curriculum through teacher-child interactions, classroom learning environments, learning plan emphasis and teaching strategies.


Age Groups:

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