Stepping Stone School’s Marilee Blackwelder Receives Education Award

The AAEYC honors Stepping Stone School educator

Stepping Stone School, the largest privately owned childcare provider in Central Texas and a pioneer in early childhood education, has announced that its director of training, Marilee Blackwelder, has received the prestigious Austin Association Education of Young Children (AAEYC) Administrator of the Year Award.

Each year, the AAEYC recognizes early education professionals in the areas of teaching, leadership, advocacy and training, those who have “honorably enriched the lives of children through their service to children and families.”

This honor, says Stepping Stone School’s founder, Rhonda Paver, recognizes not only the talent and dedication of Blackwelder but the overall commitment to educational excellence at Stepping Stone School.

“It is with great pride that we announce Marilee Blackwelder as AAEYC’s 2014 Administrator of the Year, recognizing her ongoing commitment to ensuring that our children receive the highest level of care and education in the hands of our teachers,” says Paver. “We have invested time, resources and love into creating our unique program, and Marilee has been a fierce advocate for maintaining these high standards and ensuring that our teachers are always thoroughly trained and meticulously prepared.”

With a membership composed of a variety of education professionals, including teachers, child care givers, researchers, administrators and more, AAEYC has a 55-year tradition of improving the educational services provided to young children and their families, helping to ensure that their needs are met through developmentally appropriate education and services. Their annual awards identify standouts in the profession who meet the criteria set forth by their members.

“I am truly honored to be recognized by the AAEYC as 2014 Administrator of the Year,” says Blackwelder. “My career has always been focused on doing what is best for children and helping to set new educational standards that will have the power to enrich their lives. I feel very fortunate that I’ve been able to work in an environment such as Stepping Stone School where I am given the opportunity to do what I love by training teachers who truly respect the learning process and have a deep commitment to early education and to nurturing healthy, happy children.”


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