Stepping Stone School Turkey Callers Featured on TV

Stepping Stone School was the site of the annual Turkey Call, promoting the 22nd annual ThunderCloud Subs Turkey Trot and Stepping Stone School Kids’ K race.

The sounds of “Gobble! Gobble!” filled the autumn air Tuesday when the students of Stepping Stone School Shoal Creek competed to determine which of them was the Turkey Calling Champion.

Stepping Stone School and ThunderCloud Subs kicked off the 22st annual Turkey Trot and Kids’ K with a live Turkey Call. The contestant who elicited the best response from the turkey was to be declared this year’s champion with full rights to “crow” about it, however, because Tom Turkey was silent, all earned honors for their enthusiastic attempts!

The children of Stepping Stone School wore festive, hand-made turkey hats, sang turkey songs and competed to gain the attention of a live turkey. The children also were excited by the presence of television cameras. See the clip from KVUE below.

The families of Stepping Stone School also collected nonperishable food for Caritas of Austin, a non-profit organization that fights hunger, homelessness and poverty.

The Turkey Call is an annual event to encourage registration for the ThunderCloud Subs Turkey Trot and Stepping Stone School Kids’ K, which will take place Thanksgiving morning. All proceeds from the Turkey Trot benefit Caritas of Austin.


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