Stepping Stone School Continues to Elevate our High Standards and Progressive Program! 

At Stepping Stone School, our focus is, and always will be, to provide the highest quality care and education for our children and families. From digital literacy and safety to emotional intelligence and positive self-regulation skills, our program provides the latest research-based curriculum combined with the reputable educational standards we are nationally recognized for. We are also emphasizing a reconnection to nature and implementing environmental sustainability practices to help develop responsible citizens. Our Proud to be Polite™ program focuses on the development of manners and life skills that benefit children at every developmental stage. We are also prioritizing health and nutrition by making exciting changes to our menu. These changes reflect our values surrounding health and wellness and will include fresh and organic products!

You might have noticed some exciting and innovative new changes and updates in your child’s classroom and center. A beautiful, welcoming environment can foster a sense of safety and a desire to be there. It raises a child’s self-esteem, and connection to others, which in turn leads to greater focus, engagement, and enjoyment. 

Our environments reflect our philosophy, values, and beliefs about children and learning through deliberate state-of-the-art design. These updates and improvements are present to facilitate a clear message to all who enter Stepping Stone School!

The Student, Teacher and the Environment all work together to form a “learning triangle.” Environments are set up appropriately to help your child develop independence, coordination, concentration, and an internal sense of order and peace.

Room arrangements enhance optimal learning and the overall classroom environment feels more spacious. The environment provides an intuitive sense of order that makes it easy for the children to navigate the space and to successfully learn life skills and is more conducive to focused engaged learning and interactions. 

The overall Curriculum choices are state of the art and invite curiosity, creativity, attention, and problem-solving. Abundant new, updated and exciting materials have been added to all classrooms. 

We are thrilled to present this new and exciting step forward! We are honored to be your choice to educate and nurture your child’s growth and development. 


Age Groups:

Advanced Pre-K

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