Stepping Stone School Children Award Donation to Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Texas

Austin, Texas – August 16, 2018: On August 15, 2018, the school age children of Stepping Stone School proudly presented at check for $14,361.22 to the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Texas.

The funds for this generous donation were raised by the school age children of Stepping Stone School who participated in the annual Young Entrepreneurs and Philanthropists™ summer camp at Stepping Stone Schools’ The Brainery™, and was generously matched by a grant from the Paver Family and Stepping Stone School which also provided all of the in-kind materials.  

Stepping Stone School’s summer camp provides a unique and exclusive program called Young Entrepreneurs and Philanthropists™ which exposes students to the principles of forming and running a business, as well as the philanthropic giving which is an integral part of any community-conscious business model. Over the summer, the students created four businesses in which they made products and sold them in booths at the Stepping Stone School campuses. It is the profits from each business which our Philanthropreneurs are donating to the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Austin.

Stepping Stone School began matching the total amount raised by the children which will continue this year. To date, our students have raised and donated over $55,000 to the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Texas through this wonderful and inspiring program.

“Stepping Stone School’s role in the community for the past 39 years has been to provide the highest quality care and education for our children, but to also give back through community service, sponsorships, volunteering and donations. We believe in playing an integral role in our community by supporting efforts and activities that directly benefit children and families. We enthusiastically embrace opportunities to help make central Texas a better place to learn, work, live and be,” said Rhonda Paver, Stepping Stone School founder and executive director.

Stepping Stone School understands the greater connection between families, businesses, schools and the community. At Stepping Stone School, while sharing is taught in the classroom children are also educated about generosity at a higher level.


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