Stepping Stone School at Northcross Accreditation Renewed


Stepping Stone School is pleased to announce that its Northcross campus has again been awarded accreditation by the National Accreditation Commission for Early Care and Education Programs!Stepping Stone School NAC Accreditation

NAC Accreditation signifies that Stepping Stone School at Northcross was found by the commission to adhere to the highest standards for early care and education, including things like environments, staff development, teaching interactions and parent communications. The Association for Early Learning Leaders is the body that defines, evaluates and oversees this accreditation.

All Stepping Stone School campuses follow the same standards, but only some have submitted to the rigorous evaluation process to become accredited. Stepping Stone School’s own VerifiED™ Quality Assurance program sets similar, and in some cases, higher standards and continually assesses that these are followed.

Congratulations to our principal, teachers and everyone who provided support to make this happen. Watch for more accreditation announcements coming soon.


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