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Stepping Stone School At Home Curriculum

At Stepping Stone School, our mission is to offer not only exceptional nurturing and education for our students, but also extraordinary support and care for all parents and families!

Many families are finding new and creative ways to engage and educate their children while at home! We compiled a list of fun and educational activities and resources for you to use with your family!

This Week’s Lesson Plan

Week 9: Pets

This week we are investigating Pets! The children will build empathy and kindness as they learn how to care for a pet. The activities this week will allow the children to express their creativity through various art mediums and they will practice sorting and charting skills as well!

Begin Week 9

Previous Lesson Plans

Week 8: Weather

The week we are exploring Weather in its various forms! Your child will conduct scientific experiments to understand how rain develops and improve their literacy skills as they read The Snowy Day!

Begin Week 8

Week 7: The Zoo

Join us as we investigate and discover The Zoo this week! Your children will have the opportunity to improve their literacy readiness, character development and motor skills with these fun and educational activities!

Begin Week 7

Week 6: Transportation

This week our At HomeTM is focused on transportation! The children will discover various types of transportation as they build their cognitive thinking skills, gross motor development, mindfulness and more!

Begin Week 6

Week 5: Outer Space

This week you and your child will explore Outer Space! The children will be using their executive function skills as they use shapes to create new objects like a rocket ship!

They will get moving with fun gross motor activities, as well as engaging space-themed art and sensory learning opportunities!

Begin Week 5

Week 4: Earth Day

This week we will be learning all about Earth Day– the annual event celebrated around the world on April 22 to demonstrate support for environmental protection. It was first celebrated in 1970, and now includes events in more than 193 countries.

Share your Earth Day activities with us by using the hashtags #SSSEarthday on Social Media!

Begin Week 4

Week 3: Eggs and Renewal

This week we will be learning all about Eggs and Renewal. Children can investigate the scientific properties of eggs and investigate the many animals that lay eggs!

We also have some engaging motor development activities and fun ideas that promote learning with simple household items!

Begin Week 3

Week 2: The Farm

The educational at home learning theme this week is The Farm. Children will learn about the animals and crops raised on farms!

The activities also foster cognitive, social and emotional development through hands-on and interactive lessons!

Begin Week 2

Week 1: Spring!

This week’s educational focus is on Spring! We will investigate spring flowers and plant growth in the at-home learning activities.

Children will also develop important social and emotional skills like empathy and kindness!

Begin Week 1