Spring Break Camp 2018


Welcome to Stepping Stone School’s 2018 Spring Break Camp at The Brainery™ where we will incorporate S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) principles and activities to delve into the world of restaurants. From concept to cuisine, our children will discover all aspects of what it takes to run a world class restaurant. Each of our classrooms is a stimulating environment in which children are able to use their imaginations and strengthen their skills and knowledge. The students will be conducting science experiments, cooking, attending field journeys, playing chess, expressing their creativity and participating in math & literacy experiences.

The campers willStepping Stone Spring Break Camp meet and socialize with old and new friends.


Discover what it takes to be a Restauranteur

The children will:

  • Calculate the cost of starting a restaurant
  • Create a unique menu
  • Design and make the decor
  • Post ads to entice customers, and
  • Finally, actually serve food to students

Not only will the children actively participate in these concepts and many more, they will also embark on a series of exciting field journeys, beginning with a trip to The Atelier™ Stepping Stone School’s unique and innovate workshop for art and design. Next, we will be whipping up some wonderful confections in our kitchen. And finally, we will take a trip to the cinema for some fun and educational films. Through these field trips, educational daily activities, exciting classroom environment, and a friendly, encouraging atmosphere we will make this your child’s favorite spring break ever!

Stepping Stone’s Spring Break Camp at The Brainery™ is Always a Bright Idea!

Stepping Stone Spring Break Camp
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Our year-round developmental learning curriculum continues through Spring Break to provide your child intellectually-stimulating programming with health and wellness education and character-building activities disguised as fun! Make your child’s Spring Break a whole-child adventure that will nourish mind, body and spirit.

The Atelier™ brings students new learning environments in the fields of Art & Design with hands-on workshops that fully engage children’s creative potential. Learn more.

Compassion and Character Building 

Lastly, The Brainery™ Spring Break camp offers a series of compassion and character-building activities to accompany the weekly lesson plan. Research demonstrates that helping others is key to happiness. Your children will also have an opportunity to participate in guided reflective thinking time each day.

Every activity your child participates in at The Brainery™ will further their knowledge, increase their curiosity, peak their imagination and move them forward in their development.

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