Spring Break 2017 – Tinseltown

Stepping Stone School - Spring Break 2017 - Tinseltown

Stepping Stone School continues providing academic enrichment over Spring Break with our Platinum Learning for Life™ curriculum. This year’s focus takes an in-depth look at The Golden Age of Hollywood and the science of motion pictures. Through this unique and innovative Spring Break camp, children will develop a meaningful understanding of the art and history of filmmaking .

Stepping Stone School - The Brainery™ logoStepping Stone’s Spring Break Camp at The Brainery™ is Always a Bright Idea!

Our year-round developmental learning curriculum continues through Spring Break to provide your child intellectually-stimulating programming with health and wellness education and character-building activities disguised as fun! Make your child’s Spring Break a whole-child adventure that will nourish mind, body and spirit.

Our unique Spring Break camp experience includes:

Engaging and Exciting Spring Curriculum

Our Spring Break curriculum provides a balance between engaging and challenging students while ensuring they experience the joy of making new friends and hands-on experiments and projects. Your children will take part in an organized math and literacy time each day to help them focus and hone these skills. This Spring Break, our campers will discover the golden age of Hollywood in Tinseltown. Students will investigate the great advancements that occurred in filmmaking during this period. Over the course of the Spring, our campers will develop a meaningful understanding of how films were made then and now. Your students will be inspired to tell their own stories and to participate in the art of filmmaking.

Over the course of the week, students will participate in:

  • Stepping Stone School Early Childhood EducationLearning to make a Thaumatrope, the world’s first motion picture machine.
  • Discover the science of the movies by making fake blood!
  • Going behind-the-scenes by writing scripts and making storyboards.
  • Designing a red carpet outfit.
  • Cementing their legacy by creating their own Hollywood star! ?

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Our educational themes are the basis for fun, interesting activities and field journeys. During the 2017 spring session, our campers will participate in a minimum of two Field Journeys per week. Nothing keeps your child’s brain active quite like the educational and exciting field journeys at Stepping Stone School. Journeys may vary by location, and include but are not limited to:

Our innovative S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) curriculum is fully integrated into all of our programming. The campers will engage in activities, experiments, and investigations which pertain directly to the golden age of movies. The children will develop problem-solving skills through critical thinking projects. Children will be hands-on participants in their learning. Furthermore, your child will discover art as a gateway to all of the S.T.E.A.M. domains through a variety of art projects. Read more about our S.T.E.A.M. curriculum for each developmental stage, and the philosophy behind this innovative way of learning.


Stepping Stone School Early Childhood EducationThe Atelier™ brings students new learning environments in the fields of Art & Design with hands-on workshops that fully engage children’s creative potential. Learn more.

Compassion and Character Building 

Lastly, The Brainery™ Spring Break camp offers a series of compassion and character-building activities to accompany the weekly lesson plan. Research demonstrates that helping others is key to happiness. Your children will also have an opportunity to participate in guided reflective thinking time each day.

Every activity your child participates in at The Brainery™ will further their knowledge, increase their curiosity, peak their imagination and move them forward in their development.

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