Spotlight on PreK

Advanced Pre-Kindergarten children are budding scholars!

Our experienced and committed educators implement our Platinum Learning for Life curriculum which creates a solid foundation for future academic and social-emotional success. Advanced Pre-Kindergarten students discover their potential, eagerly explore new concepts and are inspired to be adventurous learners!

S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) is integrated into daily learning plans. “Hands on/mind on” experiences foster early understanding of these fundamental concepts, increasing future academic strengths and lifelong learning opportunities.

Stepping Stone School graduates enter kindergarten well-prepared and ready to learn! To learn more about our Advanced Pre-Kindergarten program click here!

BOB Books– In the coming weeks, children will begin reading BOB books in their classrooms.  Teachers follow the BOB book curriculum using books in the order specified. In years past, we have had several of our Prekindergarten graduates begin Kindergarten already reading independently.


Journals– Each child has been given their own journal for daily use in the classroom.  In their journals, children in writing activities practicing the letter of the week in addition to creative narratives.



Kindness and Empathy™ – Each month children participate in specialized activities focused on a specific charactertrust trait. Teachers employ our tailor-made curriculum to teach these essential social and emotional skills like self-regulation, cooperation, and respect.


Calendar Concepts
– Each classroom reviews calendar concepts teaching reading skills like moving from left to right,  words like the days of the week and the months of the year.  Children learn number recognition, counting skills, and patterning.  Children review these skills on a daily basis.


Atelier – Advanced Prekindergarten children are given the privilege to participate in The Atelier™ Enrichment program where we study a person from history who embodied the Communities of Character goal for the month.  Children observe masterpieces from famous artists as well as Engineering Marvels from around the world.  Children explore concepts relating to our Communities of Character focus through hands-on learning activities purposefully planned to nurture the creative genius in each child.


School to Home Connection Folders– Supporting families by providing continued academic readiness activities at home with specific learning goals.


Leader of the Week– each week a specific leader with history is chosen based on his or her relationship the particular theme we are studying in class.  Children learn about this leader as they are introduced to the theme of the week

Conscious Guidance
– Based on the work of Dr. Rebecca Bailey, children learn skills to help them engage in
higher-order thinking building executive function skills.


Sign Language– in line with our rich history, Advanced continues to teach sign language throughout our AdvancedPrekindergarten school year recognizing that children are more engaged when they utilize multiple forms of communication at the same time.

Dual Language
– children participate in daily Spanish and Dual language activities relating to the theme of the week.

ABC Mouse– Rhonda Paver provides a generous gift to each family by providing stepping stone school abc mousethem with free access to ABC Mouse from home. Children enjoy participating in games in their classroom on the computer as well.



Portfolios– each child is assessed in each of the developmental domains using multiple indicators described in the Teaching Strategies Gold Portfolio assessment booklets.

We use the results of our portfolio assessments to guide our teaching.  We scaffold our learning activities to provide adequate support based on each child’s individual needs.



Age Groups:

Advanced Pre-K

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