Raising a Resourceful Child

“Resourcefulness, the ability to meet challenges in a variety of ways, is a by-product of creative intelligence.

“As children develop resourcefulness, they learn to trust their instincts and unique abilities. They acquire a positive attitude toward problem-solving. Resourceful children mature into confident and industrious people. Just as important, they tap into the multitude of joys life has to offer.”

This was the beginning of Karen Stephen’s article, “20 Ways to Encourage Children’s Resourcefulness and Creativity.”

Following are her helpful suggestions for increasing creativity:

  • Encourage curiosity and seeking answers.
  • Don’t stifle and numb creativity with too many manufactured toys.
  • Value varying ideas and opinions.
  • Avoid shaming or embarrassing children who experiment through trial and error.
  • Stimulate imaginative, independent thought by posing questions.
  • Resist perfectionism.
  • Avoid discouraging phrases and negativity.
  • Show respect for creative effort.
  • Avoid making unflattering comparisons between siblings’ work and talent.
  • Encourage ingenious humor.
  • Facilitate play; don’t dictate it.
  • Play games that could have different answers.
  • Play imaginative word games.
  • Play make-believe games.
  • Provide a safe messable place where kids can explore a variety of art materials.
  • Make homemade instruments and put on a concert.
  • Make up cumulative family stories.
  • Change the endings of well-known stories.
  • Play mental gymnastics games with school-agers.

(Source:  ExchangeEveryDay, 4-02-07 and ParentingExchange August 2004)


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