Progressive Learning Plans and Learning Pods at Stepping Stone School

As ISD’s and private schools are approaching the gradual opening of school, we would like to confirm the continuation of our verified and progressive learning plans and LEARNING PODS for all children in our educational care.  With the official beginning of school, we are continuing school age online learning in order to meet the needs of our students and families.

Learning pods have been in full effect in our classrooms since the beginning of the pandemic.  Children have been separated throughout this time while we continue to enhance education through social-emotional learning with our advanced curriculum. The peace of mind which this creates has been incredibly comforting and assuring to our children and families.

Please be reminded that our programs are strictly regulated by DFPS, as well as the assurance that all of our degreed teachers will provide supervision during on-line learning times.  All of our faculty are CPR certified as well and fully trained and certified on all safety, curriculum and hygiene procedures!

Stepping Stone School’s Pod Learning provides stability, consistency and continued in-person learning with degreed faculty guiding children through their schools’ on-line curriculum.  A healthy, stable and robust experience for children is created when Stepping Stone School’s teachers’ guide, respond to specific questions and build relationships with your children.

Stepping Stone School will continue to do all we have been doing to ensure the safety, security and health of the children in our care.  All of the high-level sanitization practices that have been in effect since March 2020 will continue. Once children begin returning to school in person, we will continue to provide school-age after school care. This will include picking children up from their schools and transporting them to our campuses. We will continue the same disinfection procedures and health screening in our vehicles we instituted in March.

We have purchased our own electrostatic disinfecting foggers and a CDC registered and approved, non-toxic disinfectant to mist areas of our schools if we think there is any chance that a positive COVID-19 staff or child has been present. This is the latest state-of-the-art process for disinfecting and killing germs.

Stepping Stone School is uniquely qualified with over 40 years of experience and degreed faculty to continue the loving care and education of your children and guiding them through this unprecedented time in their lives. We are committed to providing you with the peace of mind your family deserves!


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Advanced Pre-K

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