After-School, School Holiday and Year-Round Programs

School-age children grow at an amazing rate— physically, emotionally/socially, cognitively and linguistically. As they develop, 5 to 11-year-olds refine peer relationships and information about the adult world, so they thrive on friendships, alliances, challenges and responsibility. Our programs are designed to nurture your child with character building, homework assistance, mind-expanding S.T.R.E.A.M. programming and experiments and physical activity to keep your child Fit for Life!

At Stepping Stone School, our exclusive Future Leaders and Innovators™ After-School Program offers your student a comfortable, group atmosphere. Learning plans are based on the accomplishments of the world’s greatest innovators and leaders. Themes and projects are tailored to your child’s interests, interwoven with our Platinum Learning for Life™ and S.T.R.E.A.M. curriculum. Children thoroughly enjoy exciting programming, health and wellness education and character-building activities! A research study by Posner and Vandall (1999) found that high-quality after-school programs are associated with better peer relationships and positive outcomes.

I am one of the students at Stepping Stone School and I love it! We do very fun activities that I learn a lot from and I have made many amazing friends here! When I have children, I will definitely let them go to Stepping Stone School and I think you should too!

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Participation in afterschool programs has been associated with better work habits in classrooms, improved test scores, increased self-confidence, self-esteem and improved leadership skills. Positive health outcomes, including reduced obesity are also associated with participation in afterschool programs.

Young Entrepreneurs and PhilanthropistsTM

Our summer program, Young Entrepreneurs and PhilanthropistsTM presents a sophisticated approach empowering participating students to develop and use academic skills. Students replicate real business activities found in the adult world, making and selling products, and donating their profits to charity. This synergy between curriculum and innovation provides experiential learning, values development, teamwork, social skills building, and community involvement blended into a fun project.

Far beyond merely connecting children with their communities, Stepping Stone Schools creates ‘philanthropreneurs’ connected ethically and morally in service to their communities.

Stepping Stone School Philanthropy

Stepping Stone School donation to the Ronald McDonald House - 2023

Stepping Stone Students Raise Money For Charity Through Entrepreneurship

Stepping Stone School continues providing academic enrichment over the summer with a research-based curriculum. Our one of a kind Professional Speaker Series™ and field journeys will correspond with each bi-weekly theme.

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Stepping Stone School After School Programs Inspire

Stepping Stone School After School Programs inspire learners and prevent the summer Brain Drain- keeping students active, healthy, and challenging their minds daily with our engaging activities.

Austin's Favorite School-Age Summer Camp

Stepping Stone School Summer Camp

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Programs Offered

The Brainery™

Stepping Stone School Early Childhood EducationThe Brainery™ incorporates our Platinum Learning for Life™ curriculum which challenges the intellect and builds character. As a sophisticated and unique program, The Brainery™ focuses on the development of the "whole-child".

School-age children achieve their potential with innovative lesson plans, activities, field journeys and intellectual themes. This synergy is an example of how Stepping Stone School consistently raises the bar in education.

Homework Lab

Students are provided opportunities daily to receive support and guidance with homework. Our skilled faculty provide access to approved reference tools, reviews accuracy and communicates frequently with parents.

Full S.T.R.E.A.M. Ahead

Our exclusive S.T.R.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Relationships, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) curriculum is fully integrated into all areas of programming. Students engage in activities, experiments, and investigations pertaining directly to theme-based study and are hands-on participants in their learning.

Read more about our S.T.R.E.A.M. curriculum, which is research-based for each developmental stage, and the philosophy behind this innovative way of learning. Stepping Stone School has received national recognition for advanced thinking in this area of curriculum!

Kindness and Empathy

The Brainery™ offers a wide spectrum of compassion and character-building activities.

Research shows that helping others is a key to lifelong happiness. For example, participation in annual food drives for Caritas and field journeys to retirement homes instill kindness and compassion in children.

Teachers purposefully engage children in reflective-thinking and other-centeredness, serving as foundations for their social-emotional development.

Every activity your child participates in at The Brainery™ will further their knowledge, increase their curiosity, peak their imagination and move them forward developmentally on the social-emotional continuum.