Peace of Mind for Parents – Encouraging Curiosity at Home

“Why is the sky blue?”

“How does a car work?”

“Where did that plant come from?”

These are only some of the many questions that your precocious child likely asks you. It’s not always easy to answer children’s questions, but encouraging their curiosity is an important part of helping them grow.

Here are some ways that you can encourage your child’s curiosity at home.

  1. Find answers together. No doubt your preschooler asks you countless questions every day. This is a great opportunity to work together to explore and find the answers to their questions. Go to the library or search online together to get more information.
  2. Ask your own questions. Ask your child questions to see what she notices about the way her world works. Your questions will also show her how important it is to be curious—grown-ups have questions too, after all! During bath time you might ask, “Will the soap sink or float?” or during a rainstorm ask, “Where does the rainwater go when it stops raining?”
  3. Read a book. After reading an interesting book, ask questions about what you read. This is another opportunity to find answers and make new discoveries.
  4. Try something new. Give your child opportunities to be curious by taking him to different places, such as a museum or playground. He will naturally notice new things and may take these opportunities to ask you questions about these experiences.
  5. Conduct an experiment. Watch seeds grow into plants, or bake dough and watch it turn into a loaf of bread. Notice how each changes over time, and talk about the results.


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