Stepping Stone School Offers Organic Gardening Spring Break Camp

Austin Children gardening at Stepping Stone School
Stepping Stone School is excited to announce its “Start Smart” 2012 Spring Break Camp, “Organic Gardening & Healthy Living.” Some of the highlights include field trips to such places as:

The children will learn about growing and nurturing living things. Your child will explore the world of plants and botany by:

  • Planting and growing real tomato plants;
  • Creating original vases and flower pots;
  • Charting and discovering the growth rates of various plants;
  • Investigating the effects of light on plant growth; and
  • More!

Every day during our spring break camp, the students also will participate in a math and literacy time, during which they will be provided with a variety of intellect-building activities. Your children also will participate in our distinguished chess and language immersion programs. Through these fun activities we can help the children gain greater academic skill as well as exercising their brains during this break from school.

Stepping Stone School offers a safe, fun place for children to learn and explore during their break from school. Each of our classrooms is an exciting environment in which children are able to strengthen their knowledge as well as meet and socialize with friends.

Not only will the children learn all about these concepts and many more … they will also embark on a series of exciting field journeys, including Stepping Stone School’s Sports and Fitness Camp. In this camp, Coach Blake will be instructing the children on the basics of yoga as well as the importance of a healthy, well balanced diet. We will also be continuing our gardening education at one of the three places listed above. (Location will vary by school.)

And finally, we will take a trip to the movies for some rest and relaxation. Through these field trips, educational daily activities, exciting classroom environment, and a friendly loving atmosphere, we will make this your child’s favorite spring break ever!


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