Make a “Coupon Book” of Helpful Gifts !

Use this activity as an opportunity to talk about the many ways we each give and receive and a way to encourage your children to develop “an attitude of gratitude.”
  • Several sheets of paper or index cards
  • Kid-safe scissors
  • Markers or crayons
  • Stapler
  • Pictures from magazines
1.) Start by cutting or tearing pieces of paper in half to make blank coupons.
2.) Ask your child to come up with ideas for ways he can help the family. Here are some suggestions: Play quietly so a parent can have some peaceful time
Give a hug, Sort socks in the laundry, Put out napkins for a meal
3.) As you work with your child to make coupons, you might want to make coupons of your own to give. These could include time alone with a parent, a treat at the ice cream store, or a back rub.
4.) You or your child can write each idea on a coupon, or your child might want to draw a picture for each. You might want to encourage your child to cut and paste pictures from magazines that show the “coupon gift.”
5.) Staple the coupons together, and let your child keep the coupon book. Then on special occasions like birthdays, holidays or any day, your child can give one of the coupons as a gift to someone in the family.


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