Lifelong Friendships Start at Stepping Stone School

Friendship is a bond that transcends time and distance, connecting us in ways that often leave lasting impressions. It is a testament to the power of these enduring relationships that we find ourselves cherishing the memories created during our formative years. Recently, the Stepping Stone School community had the pleasure of witnessing a heartwarming demonstration of friendship that exemplified the beautiful spirit of friendship. Graduating seniors, Colton Smith and Jory Klinger, returned to their alma mater, Stepping Stone School Cat Hollow, to recreate a special photograph, marking a remarkable journey of friendship that began years ago.

In 2010, a group of bright-eyed children, filled with wonder and excitement, embarked on their final year at Stepping Stone School Cat Hollow. Among this group were Colton Smith and Jory Klinger, two young boys who would soon become wonderful lifelong friends. Together, they navigated the joys of their PreK year, creating memories that would shape their lives.

Fast forward to 2023,  Colton and Jory have reached a significant milestone in their lives: high school graduation. Eager to commemorate their enduring friendship and express gratitude to their alma mater, the two young men decided to pay a special visit to Stepping Stone School Cat Hollow. With a touch of nostalgia, they recreated a photograph from their PreK days, capturing the essence of their lasting bond.

The recreated photo serves as a powerful symbol of the timeless nature of friendship. It reminds us that the connections we form during our early years can remain steadfast, even as we grow and pursue our individual paths. Colton and Jory’s decision to return to Stepping Stone School not only allowed them to reminisce about their shared experiences but also served as an inspiration to current students. Witnessing the reunion of these two remarkable individuals serves as a reminder of the profound impact early friendships can have on our lives.

The story of Colton and Jory teaches us several invaluable lessons. It underscores the significance of the supportive and nurturing environment provided by Stepping Stone School. It is within these spaces that friendships are cultivated, offering a strong foundation for personal and academic growth.

The reunion of Colton Smith and Jory Klinger at Stepping Stone School Cat Hollow serves as a beautiful testament to the enduring power of friendship. As these young men begin a new chapter in their lives, they carry with them the memories and bonds formed during their early years. Their visit to their alma mater not only rekindled fond memories but also highlighted the profound impact that a nurturing educational environment can have on the lives of its students.

May their story inspire us all to cherish and nurture our friendships, recognizing that these connections can truly stand as lifelong treasures. Congratulations to Colton and Jory on their high school graduation, and may their friendship continue to thrive and flourish in the years to come.


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