Learning Happens All Year Long at Stepping Stone!

The beginning of summer may mark the end of the official “school year,” but at Stepping Stone School, the learning never ends!

Our year-round developmental learning curriculum continues to provide your children with intellect-stimulating activities incorporated into seasonal themes. Whether working with infants or school-agers, teachers help children build their academic skills while providing joyful summer learning opportunities.  

Our summer curriculum is now the focus in our ongoing professional development program. With thoughtful planning and intentional teaching, our educators create endless opportunities for children to develop and expand literacy skills, mathematical understanding, and sense of self-awareness and self-regulation.

Teachers explore ways to bring the summer inside for those afternoons when it is too hot to go outside. From indoor gross-motor activities to science experiments with ice cubes to “sheet tent reading clubs” in the library corner, you can expect to see exciting learning all summer long!


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