Halloween Safety in the Age of COVID-19

Halloween is right around the corner and all of our traditional ways of celebrating the holiday now need to be reconsidered based on the presence of COVID-19 in our communities.

While traditional Halloween activities are fun, some can increase the risk of contracting or spreading COVID-19. Below are some ideas you can utilize to have a happy and safe Halloween this year.

  • Wear a Mask. Make your cloth mask part of your costume. Costume masks are not a substitute for cloth masks. Also, do not wear a costume mask over a cloth mask, it can make breathing difficult.
  • Wash Your Hands. Bring hand sanitizer with you and use it after touching objects of other people. Parents need to supervise the use of hand sanitizer by young children. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds when you get home and before you eat any treats.
  • Keep Your Distance. Stay at least six feet away from others who do not live with you, even if you are outside.

Of course, all of the usual safety practices for a fun yet safe Halloween are still called for. (Halloween Safety)

For those who may be giving out Halloween treats, the CDC recommends the following practices.

  • Avoid direct contact with trick or treaters.
  • Distribute your treats outside if possible.
  • Set up a station with individually bagged treats for children to take.
  • Wash hands before handling treats.
  • Wear a mask.

If you are concerned about allowing your children to trick or treat, below are some activities you can do at home with your children.

  • Decorate your home for Halloween, inside and out.
  • Carve or paint pumpkins with members of your family or outside with neighbors and friends.
  • Take your children for a walk to admire Halloween decorations at a distance.
  • Go on a Halloween themed scavenger hunt.
  • Visit a pumpkin patch or orchard.
  • Go on a one-way, walk-through haunted forest or corn maze.
  • Hide Halloween treats in and around your house. Hold a Halloween treat hunt.
  • Hold an outdoor costume parade or contest so everyone can show off their costumes.
  • Host an outdoor Halloween movie night with friends or neighbors or and indoor movie night with your family.
  • There are many wonderful Halloween activities for children in your own communities. Many of them are virtual, such as the Children’s Halloween Virtual Concert by the Austin Symphony. (Austin Symphony Austin Family Magazine has a list of fun and safe Halloween activities. ( Austin Family Magazine list of activities)

For more information on how Stepping Stone School is keeping our children safe and healthy click here!


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