Fun Spring Activities to do With Children

Spring is in the air and with the warmer weather brings bright colors and new blooms which can be exciting for children. Activities with children in the spring are a way to celebrate the changing weather and nurture an appreciation for the season when everything comes to life. Many of these activities are easy to put together with materials you may already have on hand. These are also great activities to do over spring break as well.
Here are some fun and engaging Spring activities for children:
1.) Make a Magic Potion. Spring feels like a magical time with plants and animals coming to life and the return of the warm sun. Help children celebrate these arrivals by making a “magic potion.” You and your child can collect natural ingredients, such as berries, flower petals and leaf clippings from the yard. Then, children can mix them up with a solution of water and pour into the grass or garden to help things grow and blossom.
2.) Make a Birdhouse. In the spring, birds return and are looking for a good place to nest. Making a birdhouse with your children is the perfect spring project. This is a great opportunity for children to learn about the different types of common backyard birds. There are many creative ways to build a birdhouse and it can be done by either purchasing a birdhouse kit, or with a milk carton. Follow this link for birdhouse instructions:
3.) Grow Vegetables. Take children to the garden center and have them pick put a low maintenance vegetable that they can plant and grow. A good example of this would be a tomato plant. You can teach them how to care and maintain the vegetable which will teach them where food comes from. Gardening has also been proven to have many developmental benefits for children.
4.) Take Spring Photos. Spring is a lovely time to get outside and take some photos. Challenge children to scope out the best spring backdrop for a family photoshoot. This can be easily done during spring break when most families take trips to a beach or a lake. You can also visit a nearby botanical garden that is just beginning to come to life.
5.) Throw a Rain-Themed Party. The term, ‘April showers bring May flowers’ rings true during this time of year. Make the most out of a rainy day by having children put on those rain coats by throwing a party with a rainy day theme. You can capture rain drops in a bottle or have them play in a puddle. For those rainy days that bring thunder and lightning, bring the party inside by serving juice with little paper umbrellas, or make a rainbow themed plate, such as a fruit platter.
With these activities spring time is sure to be a wonderful and exciting season for you and your family!


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