Exciting News From Stepping Stone School!

With the recent announcements regarding how various local school districts will or will not be holding in-person classes, we want to update you on what Stepping Stone School is doing to provide education and care for school-age children who will not have the option of attending their elementary schools or who opt to not attend school.
We are happy to announce the retrofitting of our school-age classrooms to accommodate full-time At Home elementary school (public or private) fall curricula and learning! We will provide At Home learning spaces for those children who will need to be on-line to complete their school work throughout the school day. Our capable degreed faculty are fully prepared to assist the children in this exciting and forward-thinking program! We have ordered additional desks and some social distancing screens to be placed on the desks and tables. We will ensure there is a safe distance between each student. As before, children will need to bring their own laptops or tablets and we will be ensuring WIFI access is available.
All children 6 years and up are going to be required to wear masks while they are in our care. This is in order to comply with local ISD guidelines. We will continue to require parents or guardians who are dropping off or picking up their children at a Stepping Stone School campus to wear masks and maintain a 6-foot distance from each other. You will be seeing additional signs and social distancing stickers outside of our campuses to ensure these requirements are being maintained. All teachers and administrators are also required to wear masks at all times.
Stepping Stone School will continue to do all we have been doing to ensure the safety, security and health of the children in our care. All of the high-level sanitization practices that have been in effect for the last four and a half months will continue. We will also continue to serve children their food individually, not family style. We will continue with the same disinfection procedures and health screening in our vehicles as we instituted in March.
We have purchased our own electrostatic disinfecting foggers and a CDC registered and approved, non-toxic disinfectant to mist areas of our schools if we think there is any chance that a positive COVID-19 staff or child has been present. This is the latest state-of-the-art process for disinfecting and killing germs and is being recommended by the top national early care and education professional organizations in the country.
Stepping Stone School is committed to your peace of mind. You can be sure your children are well cared for, loved and their health and safety are being guarded at the highest level possible!


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