Dual Language Immersion Lab Newest Enrichment at Stepping Stone School

Stepping Stone School
Stepping Stone School is pleased to announce the addition of its new foreign language enhancement! The Dual Language Immersion Labs will give students at each school a jump start at learning a second language.

According to the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, learning a second language at an early age…

  • Has a positive effect on intellectual growth;
  • Enriches and enhances a child’s mental development;
  • Leaves students with more flexibility in thinking, greater sensitivity to language, and a better ear for listening;
  • Improves a child’s understanding of his/her native language;
  • Gives a child the ability to communicate with people s/he would otherwise not have the chance to know;
  • Opens the door to other cultures and helps a child understand and appreciate people from other countries;
  • Gives a student a head start in language requirements for college; and
  • Increases job opportunities in many careers where knowing another language is a real asset.

This new language enrichment is just a small part of how Stepping Stone School is boosting brain development in its young students. The new labs are up and running at a Stepping Stone School near you!


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