Daycare – A favorite in Central Texas

Finding the right daycare can be a difficult choice for parents.

That’s why we have developed a comprehensive daycare program that nurtures the whole family. We help you and your child with the daily transitions to and from home and we maintain a low-ratio atmosphere of comfort and security that provides peace of mind.

Stepping Stone School is more than just daycare. Our educators guide and empower students as well as teach life and academic skills.

Family welcome at stepping stone school daycareClick on a link below to learn more about our day care programs.

  • Infants – Infancy is a time of tremendous physical and cognitive growth! Our infant teachers tend to your child’s needs while cheerfully teaching with a song, puppet or animated conversation. Every day, you receive a detailed report about your child’s feeding, diapering, sleeping and playtime activities.
  • Toddlers – At this age, our teachers appropriately introduce routines and continue the overall technique of positive guidance to help give our toddlers the confidence to practice new skills and embrace new experiences.
  • Pre-Kindergarten – Children ages 3 to 4 are whirlwinds of learning! Your child’s daily schedule will include pre-literacy lessons, math, science, computers, dramatic and sensory play, art and music, as well as plenty of physical activity for a healthy mind and body.
  • Advanced Pre-Kindergarten – Children ages 4 to 5 are budding scholars! Our educators implement our Platinum Learning for Life™ curriculum to create a solid foundation for future academic and social-emotional success. Students discover their potential, eagerly explore new concepts and are inspired to be adventurous learners!
  • School Age – Our Future Leaders and Inventors after-school and summer camp programs offer your student a comfortable group atmosphere with learning centered around the accomplishments of the world’s greatest innovators and leaders. We offer convenient drop-offs to and pick-ups from many local elementary schools!

All children who are able to eat solid foods are served a nutritious meal and 3 snacks daily. Please see our FAQs section to find more answers to your specific questions.