Block Play for Essential Early Development

It is a widely-held belief that block play is an essential part of early childhood development, but why? What do these seemingly simple toys help cultivate and why is it so vital to development? Here are some reasons you should consider forgoing those new expensive toys for this simple and superior option:


  1. Problem Solving – Intentional “I want to build a house.” And unintentional – “if I want to make it high on this side how can I do it?” The child has to figure out how they will accomplish these tasks and answer these questions.
  2. Self-Expression – Blocks offer many ways for a child to express themselves and can offer ways to communicate or express themselves even when they might not know how to say it.
  3. Mathematics – Units of measurement, comparison, number skills estimation, symmetry, and balance are mathematical skills that are developed through block play.
  4. Imagination – Using blocks, children can create worlds they dream of or they can collaborate with a friend to create something unique.
  5. Science – Blocks offer a distinctive stage for children to practice and test hypothesis and enhance their scientific reasoning skills.
  6. Social and emotional – Blocks can foster the social and emotional development of a child through sharing and taking turns. It can also help develop friendships and increase attention span.
  7. Self- Esteem – Children can develop self-esteem while they discover their ideas and thoughts coming to life.
  8. Creativity – Blocks present a unique opportunity for children to take the loose parts and pieces use them in new and imaginative ways. There are millions of possibilities!
  9. Spatial awareness – Children can develop spatial awareness as they build and develop their ideas in the real world. How things relate to each other in space and time are also being developed through block play.


So, next time you are looking for an activity for your child consider handing them some blocks and let the fun and learning begin!


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