Program Enrichments

Stepping Stone School supports its academic curriculum with specially selected programs and activities designed to expand our students’ knowledge and experience in health and wellness, communication and expression, art, music, dance, martial arts, science and technology.

Extra Curriculum

Additional extracurricular classes are available at many of our schools for a reasonable fee, paid directly to the enrichment program. Please ask the campus principal for information regarding a particular program:

Stepping Stone School - Martial Arts
Martial Arts – Our specially designed kung fu program features classes that advance students at their own pace as they practice martial arts basics and techniques for self-protection. Not only do children strengthen their flexibility and stamina through the practice of martial arts, but they also develop strong character and gain a feeling of success and pride by earning belts as they complete each level. Learn more.
Stepping Stone School - Dance Discovery
Dance – Led by trained, professional instructors, our age-appropriate dance classes let children creatively express themselves while learning and practicing the movement techniques of ballet, tap and jazz. Additional dance techniques are taught for older children. Recitals let family members witness the success of their skilled dancers. Learn more.

Flippers Gymnastics – This pre-school gymnastics program is designed for boys and girls aged 2-6. Using a variety of equipment such as bars, beams and vaults, instructors highlight your athlete’s skills by incorporating various music, shapes and visual aids. Each week brings a new and exciting curriculum to encourage your child’s physical ability. This non-competitive program will challenge, excite and reward your child. (Available at select locations.) Learn more.

Stepping Stone School Swim Lessons

Swim Lessons – Available at most campuses with certified instructors.


The following enrichments are available to all Stepping Stone School students as part of their daily learning, at no additional cost: