Fit for Life™

For the last several years, Stepping Stone School has incorporated Fit for LifeTM as part of our Platinum Learning for LifeTM curriculum. This aspect of our curriculum encourages active learning through physical movement. Our faculty members integrate movement into daily routines through music, cooperative games, and daily indoor and outdoor activities.

Research demonstrates that children who participate in regular physical activity have a better retention rate than their less active peers. Physical activity also improves focus, behavior, and social skills. Young children who learn healthy habits will be more likely to remain active through adulthood.

By incorporating our Fit for LifeTM programming, our teachers are laying the foundation for physical activity that the young children in our care will continue to build upon for the rest of their lives.

To see how Fit for LifeTM is included in your child’s day, look for the special icon on our age level learning plans posted outside the classroom door.