2023 Spring Break Camp

Spring Break Camp 2023

March 13-17, 2023

This Spring Break we will be discovering the concepts of S.T.R.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Relationships, Engineering, Arts, and Math) through our innovative Amazing Chemistry Camp. Our students will participate in many exciting and enlightening experiments including making homemade soda pop and glue, writing in invisible ink and making spaghetti dance. The children will experience firsthand the incredible things you can do with chemistry.

We will also be participating in various field journeys including our art and engineering studio, The Atelier TM.

Join us for a scientific adventure into fun that your child will never forget!


Amazing Chemistry Spring Break Camp

March 13-17, 2023

Stepping Stone School Spring Break Campers will explore the magic and understand the incredible impact of chemistry throughout history, and our daily lives.

This is sure to be our most exciting Spring Break Camp yet!

The AtelierTM

The AtelierTM is a unique and innovative concept designed specifically by Stepping Stone School to expand the artistic and design opportunities and education of our children. Created for ages three and up, The Atelier™is raising the bar of Early Care and Education experiences beyond anything offered elsewhere.

Learn more about The AtelierTM

The BraineryTM

The BraineryTM at Stepping Stone School provides a safe and exciting place for children to interact and have fun. Students will be able to meet up with old friends as well as making new ones as they learn about the historic impacts of Chemistry on the world today!

Come join us on this elemental adventure and your child will make unbreakable bonds with other Spring Break Campers!

Making Elephant Toothpaste!

Chemistry Curriculum

Campers will enjoy our expertly designed Chemistry curriculum while exploring fun activities like writing secret messages in invisible ink, making soda pop from scratch, and everyone’s favorite Elephant Toothpaste!

Engaged critical-thinking experiments will spark the “why” in your child and our S.T.R.E.A.M concepts ensure a well-rounded experience for all school-age students.

Amazing Chemistry Spring Break Camp

March 13-17, 2023

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