Openings Still Available for Summer Camp

It’s not too late to give your child the gift of “Summer’s Smartest Destination,” a whole-child adventure that will nourish his or her mind, body and spirit!

Stepping Stone School -Austin Summer CampCURRICULUM (Mind) – Our educational themes are the basis for fun, interesting activities and field journeys.

Your children will also take part in an organized math and literacy time each day to help them focus and hone the skills they learned during the school year.  We are dedicated to preventing summer “brain drain.”

Check out the smart and engaging subjects we’ll be studying this summer:

  • June 3-14: Growing Up Green  During this program, children will learn the importance of recycling and sustainability as well as gardening and healthy eating.  We will focus on the importance of maintaining both the environment, as well as our bodies.
  • June 17-28: The Space Age  This program focuses on outer space and the exploration of the universe.  Children will discover planets, stars and the solar system, as well as the means in which humans investigate the “final frontier.”
  • July 1-12: The Visual & Performing Arts  The subject of this two-week period is all of the ways in which one can express oneself artistically.  The children will learn about painting, sculpture, dance, acting, music, writing and even news broadcasting.
  • July 15-26: Perusing the Past  This section of the summer takes a look back at history.  Not only human history but the history of Planet Earth as well.  We will investigate the forming of the continents, dinosaurs and a variety of ancient civilizations.
  • July 29-August 9: Technological Challenge  Technological Challenge investigates both simple and complex machines and the forces of physics that make them work.  From pulleys to advanced computing, the children will discover how machines impact their lives.
  • August 12-23: Animal Kingdom  For the final program of the summer, the children will take an in-depth look at the vast array of animal life that inhabits Planet Earth.  From bugs to whales, the children will discover how these creatures affect humans and each other.

FIT FOR LIFE (Body) – We are pleased to offer our innovative “Fit For Life” program — health and physical activity education for all our students. The program teaches the importance of maintaining a healthy body.

Our Sports Camp is a popular feature that provides exercise and fun while teaching sports skills, strategy and social skills, like teamwork. We’ve added a variety of child-sized exercise equipment to our programs, too!

COMPASSION AND CHARACTER-BUILDING (Heart) – Lastly, a series of compassion and character-building activities will accompany the lessons each week. Your children will also have an opportunity to participate in a reflective thinking time each day.

Our exclusive “Entrepreneurs & Philanthropists” program is a big part of this series. Your young student will have the opportunity to help plan, organize and run four “businesses” for the purpose of raising money to donate to families in need. They’ve raised more than $9500 for Ronald McDonald House Charities of Austin since we began the program!

JUNIOR COUNSELORS (Ages 11-13) – New this year: This innovative program teaches leadership, team-building and social skills.

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