Discoveries in Nature

Children’s discoveries in nature can be made wherever there are trees, grass, dirt, leaves, twigs, sunlight or rain.

Planting the flowers.We facilitate the discoveries by pointing out leaf shapes, insect life under a rock, ladybugs on a plant, worms in the soil and thorns on a rose bush. Of course, children really don’t need our assistance to make their own discoveries!

They love the open-ended play of digging a hole in soft garden soil and adding a bit of water. They may make mud pies for a picnic or their own garden by “planting” twigs and leaves.

Nature supplies the materials for play. Natural materials feel different from those that are plastic, synthetic, “store bought.”

The abundance of different textures and smells stimulate imagination and play. The feel and smell of nature is “naturally” soothing to children, triggering a sense of contentedness.

There are many places in our urban areas to discover nature. Visit farmers’ markets, community gardens, nurseries, parks, greenbelts and school grounds.

Your child’s love and appreciation of nature is nurtured through these rich, simple experiences.


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