🚀 Welcome to Destination Exploration: Your Summer Adventure Awaits! 🌟

Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable journey filled with excitement, discovery, and fun? Look no further than Destination Exploration at The Brainery™! Our summer camp program is designed to ignite the spirit of exploration within your child while fostering critical thinking, creativity, and a love for learning.

Here’s what you can expect from our action-packed program:

🔍 Exploration Themes: Each week, your child will dive into a new and fascinating theme inspired by legendary explorers. From delving into the depths of the ocean with Jacques Cousteau to soaring through the skies with Amelia Earhart, every week will be a thrilling adventure.

🎨 Hands-On Activities: Get ready for a hands-on learning experience like no other! From designing submarines to building flying machines, our campers will engage in art projects, science experiments, cooking activities, and more, all tailored to enhance their understanding of the weekly theme.

🌍 Field Journeys: Twice a week, we’ll embark on exciting and educational field trips to local landmarks and attractions. Whether we’re exploring the Texas State Capitol or unleashing our creativity at The Thinkery, your child will have the opportunity to expand their horizons and make unforgettable memories.

🚀 Young Entrepreneurs and Philanthropists™ Program: Our unique program empowers children to become budding entrepreneurs and philanthropists. They’ll have the chance to build their own businesses and donate their earnings to charity, fostering a sense of responsibility and compassion.

🤖 AI Tools and More: Dive into the world of cutting-edge technology with AI tools, drones, and more! Campers will explore emerging technologies and envision the future of exploration, sparking their curiosity and imagination.

Proud to be Polite™ Curriculum: At The Brainery™, manners and life skills are integrated into daily activities through our Proud to be Polite™ curriculum, promoting kindness, respect, and empathy among campers.

🤝Friendships that last a lifetime: School-age children not only embark on thrilling adventures and educational journeys but also forge lifelong friendships that extend well beyond the summer months. Through collaborative activities, shared experiences, and a supportive environment, the children develop bonds with their peers, discovering common interests and celebrating each other’s unique qualities. Whether they’re working together to solve a challenging problem, exploring new worlds during field journeys or simply enjoying fun-filled activities, the camaraderie and sense of belonging develop lasting connections. These friendships extend far beyond the campus, creating a network of support and companionship that continues to enrich the lives of our children for years to come. Stepping Stone School’s Summer Camp isn’t just about exploration; it’s about building friendships that last a lifetime.

📅 Flexibility and Affordability: We understand the importance of flexibility and affordability for families seeking quality summer programming options. That’s why we offer both full and half-day schedules to accommodate your needs and schedule. Whether you’re looking for a full day of exploration and learning or a shorter session to fit your busy schedule, we have options to suit every family. Our competitive pricing ensures that exceptional care and enriching experiences are accessible to all, without compromising on quality. You can tailor your child’s summer camp experience to perfectly fit your family’s needs, making it easier than ever to embark on a summer of adventure and discovery.

🏀⚽🎾Sports Camp

Under the guidance of Coach Antonio and our experienced instructors, participants will not only develop their athletic abilities but also learn valuable lessons in perseverance, dedication, and teamwork. Coach Antonio is a certified personal trainer with over 10 years of experience working with children and adults. He played football at Howard Payne University and studied Kinesiology. Our School-Age children will participate in a wide range of physical activities such as baseball, soccer, yoga, golf, and flag football. Sports Camp is a dynamic sports and fitness program designed to enhance proper form, strength and conditioning, physical skills, boost confidence, and foster a spirit of sportsmanship.

🏅Kidlympics” Summer Olympics Training and Event

From mastering track and field events to honing their gross and fine motor skills, every child will have the opportunity to shine and reach new heights. Join us for an exhilarating summer filled with athletic prowess, teamwork, and personal growth as children train in various sports and developmental activities to prepare for our Olympic-style event at the end of the season. As the summer progresses, excitement will build towards our culminating Kidlympics event, where participants will showcase their skills, determination, and camaraderie in a spirited celebration of achievement.  From the opening ceremony to the final medal presentation, it will be an experience to remember and cherish forever.

Weekly Schedule:sch

  • May 28 – June 7: Into the Deep – Jacques Cousteau
      • Physics of the underwater world
      • Vehicles and technology
  • June 10 – 21: Flight School – Amelia Earhart
      • Different modes of manned flight
      • Investigate how large objects can defy gravity
  • June 24 – July 5: Protecting Our Planet – Rachel Carson
      • Importance of protecting our land and environment
      • Preserving the Earth 
  • July 8 – 19: The Final Frontier – Katherine Johnson
      • How rockets work
      • Space Exploration
  • July 22 – August 2: Health and the Human Body – Edward Jenner
      • How to establish healthy living habits
      • How medicines are created
  • August 5 – 16: Into the Future – Marc Raibert
    • Emerging technologies, such as robotics and AI
    • Hypothesizing new technologies on the horizon


Age Groups:


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