19 Feb 2018

The Five Best Coding Toys that Won’t Break the Bank!                               

At Stepping Stone School, we are excited to unite technology and learning as we teach introductory skills in our early Read More

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12 Feb 2018

Seven Ways to Encourage Healthy Eating Habits with Your Children

Stepping Stone School is your partner in raising healthy, happy and confident children. To that end, we serve balanced and Read More

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05 Feb 2018

Kindness Matters

February 17th is National Random Acts of Kindness Day, to celebrate, Stepping Stone School is teaching children about kindness through Read More

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About Susan Brunk, M.A.

Susan Brunk has a Masters Degree in Education. She taught children in both public and private elementary and early childhood settings for more than ten years before she made the transition to educating teachers.

Since beginning her journey with Stepping Stone School over five years ago, Susan has written several portions of our Platinum Learning for Life™ curriculum and has created valuable teacher education modules to improve the standard of education within our company.

Through her years of teaching experience, research, and raising four children of her own, Susan has obtained a valuable understanding of developmentally appropriate practice which is demonstrated through her interactions with teachers and children alike.

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29 Jan 2018

Toilet Training Toddlers

It is that joyous yet challenging time in the life of a child, the moment parents trade in their child’s Read More

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22 Jan 2018

Higher Order Processing Skills to Improve Resilience

When you look closely at the Stepping Stone School learning plans, you will see a set of parentheses under each Read More

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08 Jan 2018

Self-Regulation Tips for Toddlers

At Stepping Stone School, we strive to support our families through the many ups and downs of early childhood.  The Read More

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About Stepping Stone School

Stepping Stone School was created by a mother with a vision. Rhonda Paver and her husband Bill arrived in Austin in 1979 with their first three children. After searching for affordable, quality early care and education for her own children, Rhonda believed the children of Austin deserved something better than what she was finding. Learn More

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15 Jan 2018

The Importance of Classic Literature

Research demonstrates that the single activity with the greatest impact on a child’s reading readiness is being read to on Read More

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About Tyson Wrinkle, B.A.

Tyson Winkle, our School Age Director and Associate Vice President graduated with a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Texas with a 3.9 GPA in 2002. and started working for Stepping Stone School as a School Age teacher when in college in November of 2000.

Tyson won the Stepping Stone School School Age Excellence Award in 2007 and was the Inaugural Assistant Principal at our Teravista Campus in 2008.

He became the School Age Program Director in 2010, and an Associate Vice President in 2017.

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