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31 Mar 2021

Peace of Mind for Parents – Make Mealtimes Learning Opportunities!

Mealtimes are great opportunities for children to have conversations, use their manners, and even practice math. Here are some ways Read More

Joyful ParentingNutrition & Cooking with Children

22 Mar 2021

4 Ways to Develop Trust With Your Child!

A trustworthy person is honest, follows the rules, keeps a promise, is not unkind, and does not take things that Read More

Character DevelopmentChild DevelopmentEmotional and Social Development

04 Mar 2021

Peace of Mind for Parents – Choosing Meaningful STEAM Activities for Your Child

Young children love to explore the world around them—and STEAM activities are a great way to help them do it. Read More

Art and Creative ExpressionBrain DevelopmentMathematical and Scientific Concepts

12 Feb 2021

6 Special Valentine’s Crafts to Make this Weekend!

Valentine’s Day is a special time to share kindness with others by giving tokens of our love to the people Read More

Art and Creative ExpressionEmotional and Social Development

29 Jan 2021

Peace of Mind for Parents – Developing Your Child’s Spatial Thinking Skills

Research suggests that children’s early mathematics learning—including spatial-thinking skills—is related to later success in both reading and math. Spatial thinking Read More

Brain DevelopmentCognitive and Phonological Development

20 Jan 2021

Peace of Mind for Parents – Nature Play With Your Children!

Spending time in nature is a great way for you to encourage your child’s development, relieve stress, and, perhaps most Read More

Emotional and Social DevelopmentJoyful ParentingLife Balance

14 Jan 2021

How to Achieve Successful Transitions from Home to School!

Stepping Stone School is uniquely qualified and committed to help support warm and positive transitions at all levels. The teachers Read More

Child DevelopmentJoyful Parenting

04 Jan 2021

12 Days of Kindness at Stepping Stone School!

On the First Day, we Shared Tips on Self Regulation Self-Regulation is described as the ability to monitor and control Read More

Character Development

04 Jan 2021

Teaching Self Regulation in 5 Easy Steps

Ethan had spent the entire center time working on a puzzle.  He was within a few pieces of finishing it Read More

Character Development

21 Dec 2020

Preventing and Helping Choking in Young Children

Infant choking is scary, but it is largely preventable. Infant and young children’s airways are smaller and easily obstructed. It Read More

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