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23 Sep 2020

Peace of Mind for Parents – Going Beyond the Playground: Math, Science, and Outdoor Fun

Going outside for a walk or to a local park to play are great ways to help your children learn! Read More

Joyful ParentingMathematical and Scientific Concepts

18 Sep 2020

How to Make Easy Taste-Safe Finger Paint

While painting, children practice fine motor skills, color recognition, and self-expression. Around six months of age, infants will often show Read More

Art and Creative Expression

15 Sep 2020

5 Easy Ways to Encourage Cooperation!

Each center in the classroom was occupied and there were children sitting at tables working on various activities. “Five-minutes to Read More

Character Development

04 Sep 2020

How to Make Taste-Safe Moon Sand

How to Make Taste-Safe Moon Sand Moon sand is a special craft sand that can hold its shape for a Read More

Art and Creative ExpressionPhysical Development

25 Aug 2020

Peace of Mind for Parents – Four Fun Ways to Learn Everyday Information

Recipes to Road Maps: Four Fun Ways to Learn from Everyday Information Information is all around us. Learning how to Read More

Joyful Parenting

21 Aug 2020

How to Make Playdough

How to Make Playdough Making playdough with your child is a fun way to practice math skills.  Measuring each scoop Read More

Art and Creative ExpressionHow Do I ... ?

17 Aug 2020

Peace of Mind for Parents – 25 Simple Ways to Encourage Children

Simple Ways To Encourage Children When you’re used to recognizing children with traditional praises, using encouraging phrases can be a Read More

Joyful Parenting

14 Aug 2020

Stepping Stone School Provides Safe Full-time School Age Virtual Learning Pods This Fall

We are ready and eager to assist our school age children begin the fall semester virtual learning in a safe Read More

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06 Aug 2020

Peace of Mind for Parents – Fun Ways to Build Your Child’s Literacy Skills While Doing Laundry Together

Turn laundry time into learning time! Whether you’re washing clothes at home or at the laundromat, there are plenty of Read More

Joyful ParentingUncategorized

05 Aug 2020

Progressive Learning Plans and Learning Pods at Stepping Stone School

As ISD’s and private schools are approaching the gradual opening of school, we would like to confirm the continuation of Read More

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