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23 Apr 2018

Healthy Habits for Happy Teeth!

Even if your child is only an infant or toddler, you can start now to help your child develop strong, Read More

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19 Apr 2018

Earth Day Activities for Children

Earth Day is April 22th and Stepping Stone School is celebrating the roots of Earth day as well as sharing Read More

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02 Apr 2018

Developing Trust

Developmental psychologist Erik Erikson was best known for his theory of psychosocial development.  He identified the first stage in this Read More


26 Feb 2018

Mathematics Development and Learning

The “M” in S.T.E.A.M. stands for Mathematics! Concrete experiences with math concepts and interactions with teachers have a direct impact Read More

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19 Feb 2018

The Five Best Coding Toys that Won’t Break the Bank!                               

At Stepping Stone School, we are excited to unite technology and learning as we teach introductory skills in our early Read More

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03 Jan 2018

The Benefits of Quality After School Care

Many parents rely on afterschool programs to care for their child(ren) after they get out of school until they can Read More

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26 Dec 2017

Fun Things to do With Your Children!

When the weather turns wet and cold and school is out for the holidays, it is nice to have some Read More

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21 Dec 2017

Traveling with Children 101

Destination – picked; Plans – made; Luggage – packed… But what about the journey there?!?! You plan a great vacation, Read More

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11 Dec 2017

School Safety: Stepping Stone School Emergency Preparedness Plan

Stepping Stone School is committed to every facet of safety and security for the children we care for each day.  Read More

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18 Aug 2017

 Stepping Stone School Children Safely Observe the Eclipse of the Sun

 Stepping Stone School Children Safely Observe the Eclipse of the Sun Austin, Texas – August 18, 2017: On Monday, August Read More

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