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16 Nov 2020

8 Ways to Help Your Child Through Immunizations

With the onset of the flu season and a COVID-19 immunization on the horizon, we wanted to help prepare you Read More


12 Nov 2020

34 Random Acts of Kindness to Try Today!

In honor of World Kindness Day on November 13th, we are sharing several ideas that you can safely try with Read More

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11 Nov 2020

All-Inclusive Tuition at Stepping Stone School

At Stepping Stone School we are dedicated to supporting the development of the whole child while strengthening families, enhancing lives Read More

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10 Nov 2020

Peace of Mind for Parents – “Making” At Home

Making is a term for hands-on, creative expression that gives children opportunities to explore, create, learn, and try something new through Read More

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05 Nov 2020

5 Ways to Help Your Child Develop Perseverance at Home

I watched as 5-month-old Ava lay on her belly participating in “Tummy Time” in her classroom. I shook a rattle Read More

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27 Oct 2020

 Halloween Safety in the Age of COVID-19

Halloween is right around the corner and all of our traditional ways of celebrating the holiday now need to be Read More

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23 Oct 2020

Infants Learn by Watching Caregiver’s Faces

In this time of mask-wearing, it is particularly important for us to understand how infants and young toddlers learn. Young Read More

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19 Oct 2020

Peace of Mind for Parents – Developing Focus and Self Control

Self-control and focus are both important skills for children to practice in order to succeed in school. Children play many Read More

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05 Oct 2020

5 Ways to Build Integrity

Each month, Stepping Stone School educators implement our Kindness & Empathy curriculum which provides activities with the purpose of teaching Read More

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30 Sep 2020

Peace of Mind for Parents – Fun, Easy Ways to Play with Math at Home

  Sing songs and chant! Many songs, chants, and verses have patterns. Learning a song’s pattern helps children remember the song. Read More

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