Platinum Learning for Life


Over the last three decades, Stepping Stone School has developed its own proprietary and comprehensive early education curriculum. The curriculum is based on 35 plus years of direct teaching experience and interacting with children, but also on the finest and most up to date research and best practices regarding how children learn, grow and develop. It also takes into consideration the needs of every type of learner.

Stepping Stone School is consistently upgrading and changing our curriculum to ensure we are always on the cutting edge of providing the most progressive learning possible. We are pleased to announce our latest curriculum, Platinum Learning for Life™. The curriculum has been fully deployed to all of our campuses and all administrators and teachers have received the necessary training to ensure this curriculum is being used on a daily basis in all classrooms.

What makes Platinum Learning for Life™ so unique is the personal input and experiences of the owners Rhonda Paver, M.A. and Bill Paver, Ph.D. Rhonda has a master’s degree in Early Childhood Development from the University of Texas at Austin. Bill Paver has a Ph.D. in Higher Education from The University of Washington. Rhonda was a classroom teacher and director in our first schools. During Stepping Stone School’s evolution, Rhonda remains actively engaged in the classrooms and the daily operations and meets personally with teachers and administrators daily. Bill Paver served for 25 years at the University of Texas at Austin as Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies and Associate Director of Admissions, where he directed the Graduate and International Admissions Center. Their combined education and experience are an invaluable resource and asset that no other privately-owned early care and education provider in the nation has.

The corner stone of Stepping Stone School’s curriculum has been based on The Creative Curriculum® now called Teaching Strategies for Early Childhood®. Diane Trister Dodge, the founder of Teaching Strategies, Inc. is considered one of the foremost leaders in curriculum development for early education in our nation. This curriculum provides effective resources in four essential areas: curriculum, assessment, professional development and family connections, which adhere to national accreditation standards. Stepping Stone School also utilizes Teaching Strategies® Gold plus™ which is a highly effective assessment tool and provides guidance to individualize classroom activities to support all levels of learning and engages and challenges every child. No other local competitor uses this advanced learning tool.

Platinum Learning for Life™ also includes our own proprietary:

  • Calendar of Curriculum Themes™
  • STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) curriculum
  • Communities of Character curriculum which nurtures deep community bonds in each child and teaches gratitude, philanthropy, empathy, compassion and solidarity that are good for the community and the heart
  • American Sign Language
  • Dual Language Learning™
  • Music appreciation through Opus One
  • Fit for Life™ nutrition and exercise
  • Teacher training takes place through Stepping Stone University™ 

Platinum Learning for Life™ is a curriculum that incorporates and excels in all of these elements, resulting in superior experiences and outcomes for your children.


7 Academic Areas and Corresponding Skills

To develop the whole-child, all Stepping Stone curriculum is based on seven key learning areas and tailored according to age group, as well as to each individual child. These follow national and statewide standards set by:

  • Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines
  • TEKS Texas Essential Knowledge Skills for Kindergarten
  • Developmentally Appropriate Practices
  1. Writing & Literacy Advancement
  • Fine motor muscle memory
  • Print knowledge strategies
  • Progressive sentence structure
  1. Reading Phonological Language
  • Letter-sound connections
  • Connecting narrative events
  • Multiple-step instruction
  1. Social Sciences
  • Computer integration
  • Foreign-language integration
  • Natural origins
  1. Mathematical Concepts
  • Cause-and-effect problem-solving
  • Sorting & grouping
  • One-to-one number correspondence
  1. Physical & Emotional/Social Development
  • Gross motor progression
  • Advanced hand-eye coordination
  • Independence & self-reliance
  1. Character Development
  • Cooperation & social etiquette
  • Thoughtful decision-making
  • Perspective talking & moral reasoning
  1. Art & Creative Expression
  • Open-ended art
  • Music & rhythmic recognition
  • Imaginative & dramatic expression

Calendar of Creative Curriculum Themes

The Stepping Stone School Calendar of Curriculum Themes™ is our own proprietary publication, developed to help our talented teachers implement our Platinum Learning for Life™ curriculum in a consistent, effective and fun manner, centered around play-based learning.

Based on the nationally recognized text Creative Curriculum for Preschoolers (referenced above) by Diana Dodge, our Calendar of Curriculum Themes™ follows the accreditation guidelines of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and the National Association of Child Care Professionals (NACCP).

Stepping Stone School faculty use our Calendar of Curriculum Themes™, along with our thoughtfully selected Curriculum Resource Guides and Teaching Strategies® Gold plus™, to develop their weekly individualized learning plans for each child. Themes link lessons together cohesively, along with concepts and skills to be taught over the course of the month; ideas for activities related to the theme, concepts and skills come from our Curriculum Resource Guides, Teaching Strategies® Gold plus™, as well as our teachers’ own experience, expertise and limitless imaginations. The lesson plans are then reviewed and approved by the Curriculum Coordinator at each campus.